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Needing to purge air to start each time after elec. lift pump install

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I thought my electric fuel pump had a check valve in it, but maybe not. Is it possible to buy an in-line fuel check valve so I can stop this cavitation? -Jeffy.
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Jeffy make sure the electrical pump is operating when you go for a start......not just key on. Check the connections of the Epump to fuel lines too..... If the return lines are grey they are OEM replace them ASAP this will ensure the problem is not on them.

Check out....... Ford diesel 6.9 7.3 IDI look for the leak points on the filter and other areas. If you need a return line/injector install kit then check online.

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There are other places too..... ensure you get the right set.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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