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never thought i would find such a good dealer

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well my dad hired a new guy today that drives an 03 c/c KR dually 4x4, etc. and he just had 8 new injectors new sensors & egr installed UNDER WARRANTY when only 3 were bad.

i told him i had 3 bad injectors also so he called his buddy (disclosed) and on thursday im getting 8 new injectors, egr, all sensors, etc.

my question:

how long do i need to run it with these new injectors before i can chip it. i finally will fill comfortable with a SCT since ill have all new 8 injectors with 72k on truck.

.Chase N.
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I have seen people tune these trucks the same week they bought them. Obviously that does not allow time enough for the complete engine to reach break in point, but your not breaking in a new engine... Also we see guys on here replace or upgrade injectors on an already tuned pcm without any problems all the time. I guess this means you didn't sell the big dog.
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