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? New '06 SD F350 6.0 mileage ?

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I'm looking at buying a new F350 XLT supercab, 4x4 w/ manual hubs. With the 6.0L and 5sp auto, what kind of mileage can i expect? Will the new 6.4L in '07 be much better?
My experience runs towards the 6.9L and 7.3L, havn't operated a 6.0 at all. I'd like to get a bunch of different peoples MPG for highway and highway speeds towing. Letme know what your turning. TIA
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I'm averaging around 18 to 20 highway and 13 to 15 city, depending on my mood swings behind the wheel. The truck only has 3000 miles so it is not broken in and I'm running the Quadzilla XZT chip with the Silverline 4inch dual exhaust.

I figure the chip is give me a 3 to 4 mpg extra compared to stock.

Hope this gives you an idea.

BTW, the only difference in trucks is mine is a crew cab.
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