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? New '06 SD F350 6.0 mileage ?

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I'm looking at buying a new F350 XLT supercab, 4x4 w/ manual hubs. With the 6.0L and 5sp auto, what kind of mileage can i expect? Will the new 6.4L in '07 be much better?
My experience runs towards the 6.9L and 7.3L, havn't operated a 6.0 at all. I'd like to get a bunch of different peoples MPG for highway and highway speeds towing. Letme know what your turning. TIA
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I'm averaging about 15mpg. On a long highway run I got about 18mpg. Towing an 8000lb trailer I got around 11.5 on the highway. My truck only has 3K miles (and only had 1K when I towed) so it should just get better.
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