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Ok, I posted before about fixing the van

Finally up and running
Prior fire dept maintenance van 83k
Fixed vacuum pump, leaking water pump, located shorting wires due to removal of fire dept equipment, New tires , Brakes, Got all the lights working again interior and exterior

If anyone can shed light on these question Thanks

Ok I have a 99 7.3 f250 and 01 7.3 f350

Now both trucks read about 3/4 on the oil pressure gauge

The 95 reads just below half, NORMAL ??

The trucks temperature gauges run just about 1/4

The van also take a long time to warm up, but runs under 1/8 Normal ?

2nd question on the temp gauge

Any tips on keeping it cool, When i pull any hills doing 75 The temp gauge goes up to about 1/4+ Normal ?

Steering wheel shakes over 75, upper n lower control are in good shape think they replaced them, Ball joints are still tight and boots are not leaking
Any options or fixes ?

Now I was wondering if I should install a larger oil cooler and trans cooler ?


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Welcome to the forum! Comparing factory gauge settings from one truck to the next gets confusing. None of us on this end know how many miles, what thermostats they have, how the cooling systems (or the engines, for that matter) were maintained. The trucks have inter coolers. The van listed does not. It is also factory de-tuned by about 80 HP compared to the trucks. If your questions about vibrations are referring to the van, this is the right forum. There are so many options and upgrades here your head will spin!
I would recommend testing the coolant first. Probably would be a good idea to flush cooling system real good and refill. Then since there were problems, after fire equipment was removed, find out if it's throwing any codes. If it was owned by fire house, there must be service records for it. The shaking in the wheel could be alignment, tires, shocks, tie rods, warped rotors, etc.. The 95's had stiffer front coils, which is fine, but not with bad shocks or out of alignment. What I mean is that any front end problem will be amplified more on them. Another question is how heavy are the rear springs? Some vans will ride very differently loaded vs. unloaded. You can search engine related (cooling) issues in the engines forum for those years. Does your 95 already have a transmission cooler?
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