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New 6.0 shut down problems - dies on the highway

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Fellow DieselStoppers,

My new 6.0 has shut down on me three times while driving so far - at 147 miles, 1341 miles and 1436 miles. The truck restarts OK and drives well for a while, but my confidence is drooping. I have read some other posts with good info, thanks. It seems too young to be wire harness chafing. Hopefully it is not a high pressure oil pump problem.

Everything is stock on the truck, except for an aftermarket anti-theft Injector Driver Module (IDM) relay. The last two shut downs happened at highway speed on the same day so, eager to make a change to avoid more problems and eliminate potential causes before taking it to a dealer, I took the easy step of putting the factory IDM relay back in. It was then that I noticed that the anti-theft relay was partly melted. I won't mention the manufacturer by name, because I am happy with their product as installed as replacement starter relays in two other Ford vehicles. Their customer service is great, so I know if the relay is at fault, they will replace it. I have not had an opportunity to do much driving with the facotry IDM back in the F-350 yet.

So my question is: what are the odds that the melted IDM relay was a truck problem? Or should I expect that it was a relay problem?

I think I remember reading here that part of the 2004 recalls is a FICM replacement. Could a bad FICM cause the IDM to melt? Thanks for your input!
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Part of the 04 recall (on affected vehicles) is a FICM HARNESS replacement. The operating system for the 6.0 is extremely complicated.... I can be less than pleased with aftermarket parts... especially when someone sells an IDM relay for a truck that doesn't have an IDM, per se.

Try the truck with the original relay (I've yet to see any trouble with these) and see if the problem recurs. I think you will see you are pissed at the truck when you should be pissed at brand X.
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