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New 6.0 shut down problems - dies on the highway

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Fellow DieselStoppers,

My new 6.0 has shut down on me three times while driving so far - at 147 miles, 1341 miles and 1436 miles. The truck restarts OK and drives well for a while, but my confidence is drooping. I have read some other posts with good info, thanks. It seems too young to be wire harness chafing. Hopefully it is not a high pressure oil pump problem.

Everything is stock on the truck, except for an aftermarket anti-theft Injector Driver Module (IDM) relay. The last two shut downs happened at highway speed on the same day so, eager to make a change to avoid more problems and eliminate potential causes before taking it to a dealer, I took the easy step of putting the factory IDM relay back in. It was then that I noticed that the anti-theft relay was partly melted. I won't mention the manufacturer by name, because I am happy with their product as installed as replacement starter relays in two other Ford vehicles. Their customer service is great, so I know if the relay is at fault, they will replace it. I have not had an opportunity to do much driving with the facotry IDM back in the F-350 yet.

So my question is: what are the odds that the melted IDM relay was a truck problem? Or should I expect that it was a relay problem?

I think I remember reading here that part of the 2004 recalls is a FICM replacement. Could a bad FICM cause the IDM to melt? Thanks for your input!
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Thanks Grampy and Ozhoo! I will call Cyclops and ask about the change in IDM amp ratings from the 7.3 to the 6.0. I will also drive my truck for a while with the factory IDM to see if the issue persists. I will miss the security I felt knowing that my truck was a tough theft target with the Cyclops installed. I may have to reach into my wallet for an alarm system sooner than I had hoped.

The Cyclops is working well in both a F-150 and a Sport Trac. In those vehicles, the Cyclops replaces the starter relay, which I am guessing is not continuously powered. Maybe the 6.0 IDM relay is powered continuously while the injectors are working and is more likely to overheat? I like the people behind the Cyclops product. They gave me a discount plus free shipping when I bought the two additional relays for the F-150 and Sport Trac. They also threw in an extra free remote when I sent one back to be fixed. I would buy their product again.

I appreciate your input. Have a great summer!
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I spoke to the helpful folks at Vandal Alert / Cyclops today. Their customer service continues to be great! They did identify a problem with the IDM replacement relay when used in some 2004 and later SuperDuties in which the IDM relay has been moved from under the dash to under the hood. Apparently a change in amperage was also made by Ford when the change in location was made. Vandal Alert / Cyclops Cyclops Link offered to replace the IDM relay with a Starter or PCM relay for free. I will be glad to have it installed again!
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