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Great News! SCT is proud to announce that we have released a New Version of Firmware and Tune Revision for the 6.4 Enabled Livewire!

Firmware version 6.4.050 and Tune Revisions 6.4.030OR and 6.4.031 are now available for download from the SCT website!

With these new versions you will find Several New and Exciting Features:
  • Supports Strategies:
  • FS0E65, FS0H30, FS0K10, FS0K20, FS0K30, FS0L10, FS0L20 (These are the 2 Brand New Flashes from Ford) *SCT Recommends having Ford Update Truck to the Latest Version, their recent updates are directly related to Drivability Concerns reported to them by Truck Owners.
  • Added Adjustable Options for:
  • Aftermarket Cold Air Intake - Meaning No More False Check Engine Codes that were caused by your Intake.
  • DPF Delete On or Off (Only on OR Versions) - You can now choose to turn it on or off, no longer only off on OR versions.
  • Speedometer Corrections Due to Tire Size or Axle Change - Finally! A speedometer that will actually tell you the correct speed after changing tire size or axle.
  • Traction Control On/Off - If you are lazy like me and get tired of hitting the button every time you start the truck.
  • WOT Shift Points - Great for getting that little bit extra you need to smoke those Imports!
During programming, you'll notice that the menu's have changed. As a heads up and to help all users out, we've created a How-To. Check out the attached document and use it while programming the truck. It is step by step and will really come in handy, especially if you are re-calibrating your Speedometer.

I want to thank everyone for patiently waiting for the adjustable options to be back and functional, I know it's been hard at times.. But seriously, thank you. SCT is who we are because of loyal customers like you.

If anyone needs help updating or has any questions. SCT Tech Support will be happy to assist you. As a reminder we will do what we can to answer questions on the forum but the best way to contact us and get quick solutions is to contact us directly.


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