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First off the vehicle is an 08 ford f-350 supper duty king ranch edition truck. The factory radio was the six disc model that eat my CDs not soon after having first one replace the second started having problem with the cd and later on with sound from certian devices would cut out from the mix. I started to decide in what radio I would replace it with.

First task was to decide which things I wanted. For mr the am/fm and cd/DVD/MP3 discs, GPS, and parking camera.were at the mininum. I found that most were user priced for those features. Pyle was not. I learned of this radio thru a friend who had just sold his 06 6.0 KR truck to a fellow worker. The new owner took out the factory radio and swapped it with a Pyle PLDNV695B which is a very nice radio. He installed it and was able to get everything working per my friend. So at less than $200 shipped from Amazon it wasn't a bad price I grabbed one. First install was a quick one as we did it the night prior to a trip I was taking and wanted to give it a. Run thru.

I soulder the wires from the radios plug to a Metra harness for that truck. Had some one double check my wire to wire connection for accuracy since I'm color defissient Then the task of soldering when in action. Not every wire from the radios harness had a wire coming from the Metra harness. That is where the confusion is. To make things worst I ordered the single plug kit not the duel plug kit. The small plug kit is here now but I. Not sure what wires go to it at this point. I also had to order an fm antenna adapter to plug in the trucks antenna. That night everything was ordered. Came in a week later. Funny it took two days for the shipment to arrive the first time but a week the second time.

Ok I have the big plug or main plug hooked up and installed as well as the antenna adapter. So the radio works, the blue tooth works ,USB connection worksand the GPS work very well. One of the most accurate setups that I've used IMO. Very happy with it.

Here are the things I've tried and that didn't work like it should
1). The aux plug on the dash
2) the steering wheel controls. Seek forward and back, volume up and down and to change the media
3) one other feature that I tested but didn't respond
Thing not working because they are not wired up yet
1) back up camera
2) DVD player plan is to wire to up fitter switch instead of parking brake since I never use the parking break and when someone does set it I end up driving a few feet before I release it.

Ok now if you have or can point me to the correct wiring diagrams for wiring the rest up it would be appreciated along with any helpful tips. Links etc. I m not reattaching it for a few weeks until after the headache rack arrive as we will be doing other wiring then as I expect to add two lights for backing and parking a fifth wheel . I'm not sure if I'm gonna stick eith stationary lights or use moveable one attached to the headache rack, the backup camera will be on the headache rack to assist in hooking up. My cell and cb antennas will be added to the headache rack also.might try to use backup camera as security camera also.

So I look forward to getting all the tip, hints and tricks for getting everything working.

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Great Project, thank for sharing.

Not sure if this will help? My guess ??

Truck AUX plug>>>>Pyle Unit
Left + is a Blue (BU) wire >>>>>>> RCA “D”
Left - is a Yellow with Green Stripe (YE-GN) wire >>>>>>> RCA “D”
Right + is a Blue with Green Stripe (BU-GN) wire >>>>>>> RCA “G”
Right - is a White with Green Stripe (WH-GN) wire >>>>>>> RCA “G”

Truck Steering Buttons via wheel clock spring (Volume, Seek, … Media?)>>Pyle Unit.
Truck SWC1+ is a Grey with Yellow stripe (GY-YE) wire >>>> Pyle Green with White stripe (GN-WH)
Truck SWC1- is a Blue with White stripe (BU-WH) wire >>>> Pyle Grey with White stripe (GY-WH)

Note: The buttons have to be configured under settings to learn and work (I’m sure you know). Also the wiring for the 2009 and up are different.
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