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New Brakes and they started to squeal when stopping

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I installed new rotors and pads. All was good for a week or 2 and they are now starting to squeal when I stop. Usually happens the first few min. I did put silicone (light coat with my finger) on the back of the pads. They didnt have shims on the new pads. I was thinking about pulling them back apart and regreasing the pads and also the stainless steel clips (didnt to this the first time). Anyone have this issue? Should I have used the other kind of silicone that hardens and acts like a glue?

Any advice and tips would be appreciated.

Wagner ThermoQuiets (not so much) pads and rotors.

Thanks again.
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Find a stretch of empty road.
get to 80mph hit the brakes HARD to 20mph but don't stop completely. 3 times.
Then do 60mph to 30mph and use the brakes firmly but don't stop. 3 times.
then be sure to drive at least 10 mins without using the brake or very lightly to let them cool off.
After an hour of cool brakes they should better and be quiet.

If that doesn't seat the pads properly, then time for something different.
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