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New Brakes and they started to squeal when stopping

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I installed new rotors and pads. All was good for a week or 2 and they are now starting to squeal when I stop. Usually happens the first few min. I did put silicone (light coat with my finger) on the back of the pads. They didnt have shims on the new pads. I was thinking about pulling them back apart and regreasing the pads and also the stainless steel clips (didnt to this the first time). Anyone have this issue? Should I have used the other kind of silicone that hardens and acts like a glue?

Any advice and tips would be appreciated.

Wagner ThermoQuiets (not so much) pads and rotors.

Thanks again.
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I called the company and they told me that they recommend greasing the SS clips the pads slide on. That would have been nice if there was detailed instructions on what they recommend in the box.

I finally got around to taking the brakes back apart last weekend since the sound has gotten louder and has been driving me crazy. Picked up some caliper grease (not the silicone stuff) and applied it on the slide clips and on the pads where they touch the clips after cleaning everything up.

After putting everything bact together, the noise is gone. So the noise was coming from the clips.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone else had this issue.

I only did the front but no they didn't. I think you are talking about shims. They are suppose to have some kind of technology behind not using them. So far so good on the fronts after the grease. The front did come with with new SS slide clips or whatever they are called.
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