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New Clutch question?

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Well just had the south bend clutch installed and picked it up today. All i can say is its awesome. One small detail and it may be just its new and needs to seat or "breakin". Well when clutch is not pressed and the shifter is in nuetral there is a groan, press the clutch and it goes away.... Like i said may just be where its not broke in yet.

Also the engine noise in the cab is alot louder now. I just wonder if maybe there is a plate or some sound deadening insulation that didnt get put back in. sound like the noise travels through the tranny straight into the cab.

Clutch works as advertised, super easy operation and 0 slippage. Just a things that made me wonder....

The model clutch is the MU 1939 DF. The Spicer style (big rig) design works with the stock flywheel.

Hopefully someone else can tell me this is all normal and its just need time to break in.... I do like this clutch and would recommend it.
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The dealer that did my first clutch replacement somehow got the inner boot rotated backwards but the outer boot was correct. Other than completely removing and taking it apart this isn't possible. Either way, definitely check that boot.
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