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New Diesel Owner...

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Im posting in this forum, as well. :)

The truck isnt new... im new to the truck. haha.

97 f350 stroke. 250,000 automatic, 4x4. recently purchased. (my new daily driver. i dont dog the snot out of it, either. im a smart driver...) as far as im aware, everything major in the motor, transmission, etc are stock...

ive been told that its running too lean. that its overheating slightly. i know i need a pyro and boost gauges to monitor, but i am unsure of how to approach this issue. there is a cold air intake which, im sure is filthy, so ill check that out on my own... can anyone suggest where i should start? my exhaust is 3-1/2" back to in front of the tire. no cat or muffler, i believe. (again, will have to confirm... but there is some back pressure now. :p )

any advice as to what actions i should take to get this truck runnin like a top would be greatly appreciated!! :SM030:

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Thanks guys! you both have been very helpful!! I will update once ive tried some of your suggestions!
Dave, it hasnt read past the R. O has been as far as its gone, that ive noticed. ive only had it since 7/1/2011 though. so still noticing things and takin notes. haha

It radiates some serious heat once im back home. even after it sits for a couple hours. we open the hood and itll make you step back for a moment... im going to clean the air filter this weekend and see if that helps...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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