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New Diesel Owner...

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Im posting in this forum, as well. :)

The truck isnt new... im new to the truck. haha.

97 f350 stroke. 250,000 automatic, 4x4. recently purchased. (my new daily driver. i dont dog the snot out of it, either. im a smart driver...) as far as im aware, everything major in the motor, transmission, etc are stock...

ive been told that its running too lean. that its overheating slightly. i know i need a pyro and boost gauges to monitor, but i am unsure of how to approach this issue. there is a cold air intake which, im sure is filthy, so ill check that out on my own... can anyone suggest where i should start? my exhaust is 3-1/2" back to in front of the tire. no cat or muffler, i believe. (again, will have to confirm... but there is some back pressure now. :p )

any advice as to what actions i should take to get this truck runnin like a top would be greatly appreciated!! :SM030:

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Diesels can't run lean. They use just enough fuel to turn the engine doing what you ask it to do. They also run cold when they are burning very little fuel. They also run better hot-do a search here about the 203 degree t-stat. Without a baseline to measure by, it might be running like a top now. I do know that my 94 ran like a spotted butt ape, while my 97 runs more like an arthritic dog. You need to find a truck exactly like yours to drive and see if the "seat of the pants" test comes up with anything. What makes you think it's running hot? Any other symptoms that you can describe?
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