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Good Afternoon Everyone

I just as of Friday bought a 2006 F-350 SD Lariat dually with the 6.0l. My 5.9 Ram finally started to fall apart (literally) so it was time to go shopping. Me and my family are looking at starting small subsistence farming and I wanted a diesel so began shopping around. Found this F-350 with about 105k miles and we were sold. Plus it has all sorts of 'fun stuff' to be extra comfortable all around.

Looking at getting some suggestions here and there as far as what I should expect from the "dreaded 6.0" as well as some ideas on making it even better. Already started some small modification such as high idle on aux 4 to prep for a 1000W inverter on order. Not sure what to expect as I just bought it and the dealer had no previous service records on hand (sort of scares me). I did almost all the work on my dodge including replacing the plenum plate, water pump, alternator and other regular maintenance items. Little but different from a full sized diesel engine though Seems to run great but I noticed that the previous person had a very... interesting modification installed when I pulled the panel for the upfitter wires. apparently at some point there were neon underbody lights wired to aux 1 as the power supply is still wired in but there are no lights....

Only thing I have noticed so far is intermittently I get a fair amount of white smoke from the exhaust at idle, but temps all look good, no power loss and as soon as I drive it goes away and doesnt always happen. Still getting used to the truck so wondering if this is just one of those "it happens" things. Picked up the Chilton's manual and will be diving into the engine to look around tomorrow most likely. Since this vehicle is 'new' to me and I have no service records, what should I look at checking/servicing/replacing first?

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for having me.
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