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New Ex + Puppy= Bad Dog/No Start

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3 days after bringing home our new X, my wife had a no start condition in our driveway. I troubleshot it with my outdated 7.3L logic, then gave up and called for a tow to the dealership.

Well, it seems that one of our dogs, a 9 month old Lab named Sam (From the Seuss story "Sam I Am") took a liking to the taste of the wire bundle running from the left frame rail to the rear of the tranny. Chewed the crap out of it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif

$159 made it better. Had I thought to look underneath, I could have fixed it myself for free, but oh well.

After I got it home, I reversed the plastic wire loom anchors on the frame crossmember and added a few zip ties to pull them down and forward, out of the way. To finish, I sprayed the wires (And others)down with OC pepper spray. It's worked for me in the past to prevent dog damage to home, barn and tools.
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Nice to see that others have shared in the joys and pain of Labrador Retrievers. Sam is our 4th Lab (Future breeder, if he keeps his act together), and we're familiar with the chew habits.

I laugh when people say that chewing is the sign of a bored dog, as Sam has the attention of two older dogs, one's a Lab and the other is a Boxer mix. They play, run and mock fight about 20 hours per day, taking breaks to harass the barn cats and visiting neighbor dogs.

He's not bored, he's a Lab, and can chew while asleep. He's especially efficient in destroying children's flip flop thongs. 10 seconds and they're little bits of colored rubber.. And to top it off, he can deftly remove our littlest's (18 mos) diaper without knocking her over or disturbing her shorts. She thinks it's funny, but she doesn't have to clean diaper bits out of the lawn.

Good thing we live out in the country...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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