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'New' F-250 Diesel

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I'm looking to replace my current and woefully underpowered truck with a new one... The one in my spotlight right now is a 1995 F-250 Diesel, 4x4, Extended Cab, Auto tranny, and various other non-essentials (power windows/locks...).

She has 87,416 miles on her, highway or city is unknown, is in relatively good condition overall, although the bed has a lot of dents and dings and the rear bumper is loose.

The truck probably needs at least two new tires, if not all five, she has plastic hubcaps, three of which are broken, and looks to be a good deal for $9,995. The biggest complaints I have so far are the rear bumper and the vinyl bench seat in the cab.

Is this a good deal? Is it too good of a deal? Will it explode the instant I make a down payment? Will it last for years of solid use? I'd appreciate any advice you all have for me.

The truck will be used for work chores, IE hauling lumber/firewood, carrying water, possibly plowing snow, and hauling a slide-in camper. It will be driven at most two to four times per week.

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Keep in mind that those plastic hub caps are about a hundred bucks a pop if you buy good ones from Ford, and don't assume you have five tires. Alot of these trucks, mine included, didn't come with spares. In fact, I'm still trying to locate a spare rim. They don't seem to be easy to find.
Other than that, I would check the turbo for dusted fins, test the SCA's, sniff the transmission fluid, try to verify the milage,and go from there. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me if everything checks out okay.
Good luck.
Oh, and the seat... I have the cloth bench in my regular cab, and I have a $40 cover on it. Works just fine. (Might be a little bouncy at times)

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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