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A few months ago a stock depletion of our F6 smartchip forced us into a back order situation. Fortunately for us our manufacture decided to use a new and improved part instead of trying to find one to fit our current chip board. What we have here is a New enhanced version of the F6 smartchip.

New features over the original F6

Open source- pick your own tuner or do your own

Optional Bluetooth for Windows- No USB cable required and you can be several feet from the vehicle and load tunes to the F6 v2 chip. Android and I-phone support coming soon!

All other original features of the F6 did not change. You're still able to email tunes, send trial tunes and load tunes with the chip in the PCM.

New F6 v2

We are able to keep it at the same retail price although Moates redesigned the chip board, added new processors, updated all other discontinued components and made it with optional Bluetooth for wireless chip burning.

Dealer options are available. If you are looking for a new chipset to sell to your customers give us a call.

If you have any questions please contact Jody at 828-221-0076 ext 801.
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