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Hello everyone! I've been reading a lot here the past two months. I recently purchased a 2001 F250 crew cab, 4x4 lariat with an fiberglass cap and 310k miles on it. I was a little hesitant at first with all those unknown miles, but when I got him down to $7200, I figured it was worth the risk.

Since then, I've done quite a bit. I've replaced the steering gear box, passenger ball jointa, front sway bar bushings and drop links, clear headlights, hood lift struts, carrier bearing, front & rear brakes, a couple calipers, engine oil & filter, fuel filter, and all of a sudden the transmission.

I've added or upgraded with a 6.0 transmission cooler, dieselsite in line transmission filter, HP crossover line, turbo master wastegate control arm, Hydrachip with PHP & Swamp's tunes, rear Rancho RS9000 shocks, and an Edge Insight CS for gauges. I sprayed monstaliner from the body line down to keep rust from starting.

I still have a set of rear airbags to install, Delo ELC to put in and fluid film to cover the underside and inside the rockers doors, and fenders.

My only delima right now is whether I should hang on to my core transmission or not. I bought a factory rebuild so I could get back on the road quick. I called BTS and he is backed up 8 weeks. This is my daily driver and I couldn't be down that long. So now I'm covered for 3 yrs on the tranny. At the end of that, I could drive to Arkansas with my core and have Brian rebuild & install it and I could sell the one currently in the truck. OR I could return the core and in 3 yrs, do a manual swap and sell the one currently in the truck. I think total cost is about the same once everything is bought, sold or returned. I'm just not sure if I want to go through the manual swap. That is what I was originally looking for but couldn't find one with a body that wasn't 50% gone.

Anyway, thanks for all the info so far and I'm sure I'll be picking y'alls brain as time goes by.
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