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New GPC/Relay clicking. Where could this plug go? Broke coolant hose nipple

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I had an issue where my wait to start light was not turning off once the van had started- and it would be on the entire time I'm driving. I replaced the glow plug controller, and that fixed the wait to start light staying on issue, but now instead of it staying on; the wait to start light would only flick on for half of a second if that and then turn off and not heat up the plugs.

I thought maybe the plugs were burnt out especially after the wait to start light staying on issue so I replaced them all today. 7 of the 8 were motocraft beru zd9 and one was an autolite. They weren't bulged or anything. I replaced with with zd29 which oreilys says is the new zd9 part number.

Now the wait to start light is coming on for maybe 2-3 seconds before turning off at which point the GPC or relay will click 25 times or so. Whether I turn the key to start the van before or after the clicking, it takes 4 or 5 seconds to start, and makes a sizable poof of white smoke. As opposed the the usual 2 seconds or instantaneous starting I'm used too before these issues started a couple weeks ago. Also the white smoke is not something that used to happen until recently and with the brand new glow plugs.

Any advice is appreciated

also would anyone know where this plug goes? It looks like it hasnt been plugged into anything in awhile from how dirty it is.

These problems also started right around the time my water pump went out and i replaced it a couple weeks ago.

Also while I was changing the spark plugs today, on the one directly behind the alternator- I accidently broke the nipple for a hose on what i think is part of the coolant system. What should I do and what is that part even called if I were to get a new one? It's spitting out water whenever I start the van.
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The nipple that broke off is inside of the black tubing with the reddish end, which is right behind the alternator (I think) in the pics. I'm not sure what the plastic piece that the nipple broke off of, under the hexagonal nut thing is called. Does anyone know what that is so I know what to buy for a replacement?
Upon closer inspection it's not coolant it's fuel and I belive thats an injector housing
Thanks for all the help guys. Super useful. Don't know what I'd do without thus site to guide me in the right direction.
Anybody want a van? I don't know what to do to this POS and help is impossible to find.
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