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New guy, how is everyone today?

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My name is wayne, i am a Dieselahaulic. I am stepping over to a PSD from a gasser. The only other diesel i have had was an old dodge cummins, old as in 1993. Great engine crappy drivetrain. Anyway, i am going to give ford a whirl.

This is what I am looking at:

1997 F250
Ext cab
2 wheel drive
XLT with all options
cloth interior
short bed
1 owner(carfax)
in immaculate shape
102000 miles
black and red
all factory, never molested or modded. was just a daily driver, lots of highway miles(ofcourse everyone says that)
never any accidents
florida vehicle
4 new tires
front end suspension rebuilt
2 new batteries
new brakes
new pinion seal
auto transmission

purchasing from the original owner

$8900 and i drive it home.

does this seem like a good deal?
I know these are somewhat rare in a short bed and low miles like this.

any info would be great! Assuming the truck wasnt used as a tow rig and not beaten, what is a life expectancy for the auto tranny?

Thanks a million i just want to make a smart decision, so any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the board BigBlue!

Sounds like a decent deal. Check what similar trucks are selling for, check your local papers,, autotrader, etc.

With only 100k, it should last you a good long time if it's had proper maintenance. Does the owner have the mx records?

You can take the VIN to a Ford dealer and ask them to run an oasis report. That'll tell you any work done by ford on the truck.

Cary, lol, I remember my teenage son several years ago upon the discovery that they make 2wd trucks--- "but why?"
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