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Hello everyone. Just sold my 6.4L and got a 2012 F350 lariat. I have a couple questions so all the help is appreciated!

I'm planning on doing a 5" straight pipe, on the 6.4L turbo back is hard because you have to cut the stock one in half to remove it. Is this the case as well with the 6.7L?

With a mini maxx tuner does it shut off the egr's like the 6.4L's or will I need an egr delete kit?

With the 6.4L there are a lot of things that help with the truck lasting longer such as deletes and etc. I'm thinking of doing a 5" straight pipe, ccv delete, h&s mini maxx, afe cai, intercooler pipes if its easy, and a coolant filter. Is there anything else that will help?

Any particular known problems I should keep an eye out for or fix asap?

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