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Anyway, so I bought a 92 f350 about 4 months ago. I was in need of a truck for work and this was in my budget. So here is what it has.
7.3 IDI obviously
banks Sidewinder turbo
banks exhaust
K&N airfilter
e4od tranny with what I think is a banks module. It shifts pretty hard
tranny has been rebuilt at one time. it has a deep pan that says "hill killer"
Injection pump from what I can tell is stock.

So now I am trying to decide to keep it and put some money into it or sell it and get powerstroke truck.

It has started fine this whole time till the last few mornings. it will start, run like crap for 5 seconds then die. then it cranks till the battarys are dead. Only has happened the last 2 mornings, starts fine the rest of the day. Im gonna test the glow plugs sometime today. What battary would you recommend that is in the 850 cca or more range?

The steering column is pretty well busted now. i have to loose wheel, broken clock spring and who knows what else. Needs a lot of interior work and a little body work

So I can tell the difference with the turbo say from 1 to 5 psi. If im getting on the interstate and I get up over 5 psi I can't tell a difference. I have owned a few turbo gas cars all cpu controlled so you can tune the motor. Being this is mechanical how do I take advantage of having the turbo?

Sorry this is kinda all over the place.

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