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new injectors and truck is stalling

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Hello, Just put in some true 530's and now when the truck will idle down it will stall sometimes. This has happened 4-5 times already. I will call Jody as it will quit at a stand still when changing settings. I have driven it 60 miles and it will still do it. I don't think it is oil pump related as it stalls after it idles down. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Rick
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My WAG is that Jody has it programmed for split shots not single shots (True 530s are singles correct). He did the same thing to my programming and it felt like it would die. Autoenginuity would show the ICP dropping to 430 and it would feel like it would die. Give it a little fuel and it would smooth out some but at idle or off throttle it felt like it would die. Perhaps Jody is a bit overextended with the move and all. Email Jody and explain your symptoms. Specifically ask if your programs are for splits or singles. I sent him the PCM and he reburned it and all is good now. Shouldn't have to do this though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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