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New injectors now knocks at idle

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I just put swamps stage 2 split shot injectors now it knocks at an idle. the reason I put new injectors in is because it was burning oil #8 o-ring was bad. I made sure they were completely seated and torqued to 120 inch pounds. I made sure the seats were clean and vacuumed out the cylinders. I still have to send my chip in to get re-flashed could that cause the knock? the truck has 234,410 miles on it thanks in advance
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What did they change in the injectors? Bigger nozzle?

Stage 2 splits are very oil hungry.

Keep in mind it takes 100 miles of driving to get air out.
Yea they are split shots like the factory injectors.

Those injectors you bought probably have a larger 30% over nozzle.

With the proper programming changes you would see a power increase.

But the stock calibration still only injects 135cc and it does not adjust for a larger nozzle.

So I will gain zero power until you electronically adjust for these changes.

Have you checked fuel pressure at idle and under load?

What is Icp and duty cycle as well?

The number 8 injector gets oil and fuel starved. Modded splits are even more oil hungry.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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