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There is a lot of information here and to speed up your access I have added a couple of features to this thread. You may scroll thru all the posts to find the subsection that you want and the title of each post has those subsections in the subject line in parans and here are the post titles in order including this post that has the A-B links:

New little secrets(A-B) ... this post
New little secrets(C-E)
New little secret(F)
New little secrets(G)
New little secrets(H-S)
New little secrets(T)
New little secrets(U-Z)
New little secrets(Misc.)
New little secrets (Cackle and Idle Knock links)
New little secrets(FAQs) thanks to TParker

An alternative is to simply CLICK HERE [link broken and not fixable] which will take you to this post in the threaded view and then scroll down to the listing of all the posts in this thead and click on the title of the post that you're interested in.


I started a thread HERE [link broken and not fixable] that had a grunch of links that I refer to and have been updating it periodically, but noticed it's getting long and taking a while to load so I'm starting this new thread with the latest info and will be locking the old one with a post linking to this new thread.

01/09/04 by gtspowerstroke: need AIC wire harness
Has part# for AIC wiring harness

01/18/04 by PonchoBrew: Ford Reprogrammer
Has link to AIC manual
Air Filters
05/10/02 by Robyn: Air Filter/AirBox Study at Banks: The Results Are In! Part 1

07/04/03 by BigRig250: Check you air filter!

07/05/03 by Larry M: Check your air filter ... Con't
Has my filterminder vacuum test results

07/17/03 by woodworker: Ford Intake Upgrade - Do We Need This?
Has comment from Jordan Flagstad from Donaldson on the AIS

08/01/03 by extreamTT: AIS and SCMT dont play well together
Good discussion of intake restriction with the results of my testing

08/16/03 by haul_n_horses2: Stock air box restriction
Good discussion of air restriction values

1/23/04 by Zilard250: Bad news for Tymer(dDonldson) users

02/05/04 by druz: 7.3 cranks takes 7 to 10 seconds to start. SOLVED SOLVED YEA YEA!
Has good discussion of Air Restriction

02/15/04 by powerstroke250: A I S SUCKS

06/01/04 by mike650: AIS Problems
Has post by AIS engineer on where the 25in H20 is measured

07/25/04 by cjheap: negative aspects of Tymar Filter
Has post with my Si using my Amsoil air filter

08/14/04 by cgrove: AIS OUT - Stock Back IN!
Has comments on where the max 25in H20 is to be measured for the AIS

08/26/04 by blez: What air filter???
Has good info on filter efficiency/restriction for some common elements

Air Intake Heater (AIH)

04/03/05 by JMS1:

04/21/05 by ForumBlue:

05/15/05 by blowhard:

05/15/05 by MarvinVR:

05/27/05 by kawasaki150hp:

07/30/05 by mthisguy:

2/06/02 by JSP54: Change both or one battery?

2/09/02 by kodiac: Optima Batteries- Red Top or Yellow Top?

01/05/03 by Smiley: Batteries?

04/23/03 by platinumf250: Optima - Red or Yellow Top????

06/29/03 by The New Kid: Interstate 6-volt Golf cart batteries

07/07/03 by RockSalt: Optima Batteries for PSD??

11/28/03 by arnoldauto: Calling all Electrical EXPERTS...draw on battery (.186mA) lets pick some brains

Block Heater
11/05/03 by coloradodiesel: Woop's - Block Heater Plug Melted
Has link to fire damage photo

01/08/04 by Engineering_Student: What is The Power Consumption of The Engine Block Heater

02/01/04 by RC: Post Fire Pictures

02/18/02 by StevePSD: Make sure you change your brake fluid!

01/23/03 by FishAlaska: Brake pad recommendations

03/05/03 by Harald: Pulsing brakes

06/06/03 by DENNY: Flushed the brakes! Fluid looked like coke!!

06/16/03 by rxbike: Help, I need new rotors, which are best ?

06/18/03 by jswillms: The Warped Rotor Myth

07/20/03 by fnelsonII: brake calipers and K&N filter
Has link for caliper slide grease

09/10/03 by tcnofh1:

11/19/03 by hank53: Bleeding brake fluid tips

01/04/04 by soaggydogg: Brake fluid... have you ??

06/19/04 by Bobcat698: Front Brake help, several questions.. Please help ASAP
Recommended brake pads

07/04/04 by joggerman: Emergency Brake
Good thread on adjusting and maintaining the EB

08/03/04 by bmw1200: Brakes and rotors, probably been discussed before
Has FMTRVT's recommendation on replacement pads

08/09/04 by Johnp034: ART Rotors or Performance Friction?

08/17/04 by 1BADF350: What is your thoughts on flushing your brake fluid??
Has link to Jack's post on when to change brake fluid

11/01/04 by jstrauss: Replaced my brake fluid - feel like I'm in bizarro world

11/29/04 by BigwheelStroke: Brakes??? What Should I Do?
Discusses the loss of braking when running oversized tires

12/07/04 by lwg: Brake Fluid type revisited..... Again
Has comment's by Jack on brake fluid types to use

04/10/05 by bekair:

11,721 Posts
Re: New little secrets(C-E) thru 07/30/05

Here are the C thru E Links


12/19/01 by diesel dave 99: MPG AND CACKLE
(grab a pot of coffee for this one, it's the grandaddy of cackle threads :thumbsup: klhansen)

03/16/03 by JLester: New Cackle Thread Here [Continuation of the thread above - put on another pot. klhansen]

4/21/02 by beantown: Cackle wav anyone? Does yours cackle this bad?

4/22/02 by Larry M: Non knocker/cackler .wavs needed

5/07/02 by Bob Riley: My wave files at idle and 2000 rpms

5/09/02 by Arctic Cat Hauler: My fuel line theory AIR=BAD

5/20/02 by Larry M: Cackle and Idle Knock Links [links on this one most likely won't work]

5/27/02 by JOHNNYDCON: Appearance of knock/cacle theory

5/28/02 by CKing: Great Post on Rail Harmonics, My WAG solution to Cackle

6/03/02 by wkw: An Acoustical Study of Idle Knock

6/10/02 by DieselRay: Changing Harmonics of the Fuel Rail

6/13/02 by Larry M: Fuel rail geometry and injector dynamics

6/18/02 by h2o_dog: Please define "cackle" problem....

7/19/02 by POWERSTROKE RACER: Idle knock after any reg mod

01/05/03 by 1ton: Spark-Knock sound?

01/22/03 by jat99: Cackle observation-Give Feedback

02/26/03 by pwrstrokeme: Pat's air?
Has my definition of it and link to mpg thread

03/14/03 by DB: Going to Investigate Cackle Issues

12/17/03 by DB: Cackle Revisted

CCV system

03/16/04 by ElkChaser: CCV Mods/RacorCCV4500/Crankcase Pressures/Test Results

Charging System

03/13/04 by land_yaght: Wierd Charging Problem

04/20/05 by bigbore:

Cooling system Note: subsections in red
*******Warning read the thread by Smokey Wren on 12/18/03 for type of coolant to use since earlier threads than that will not have the most up-to-date information ******** , Thanks Larry

Cooling system - Coolants
5/31/02 by DeanC: Fleetrite coolant - need confirmed part no.

8/29/02 by flash1034: Power Stroke Coolant- Need Final answer please

12/16/02 by goalie: coolant question

02/02/03 by pjwarner: Evans Coolant

02/08/03 by JIMF250: coolant

02/21/03 by Wesman60: Which Coolant?

04/15/03 by Machinehead: Where can I find the correct Gold Coolant?

05/15/03 by CPSS: PEAK antifreeze from IH dealer

09/02/03 by Bwygans: Coolant ? Fleetrite

10/03/03 by Johnny_V: Is Evans worth the $200
Monster coolant discussion

10/13/03 by Lucca: Coolant Confusion
Good discussion of the Weatherpro coolant

12/18/03 by SmokeyWren: Gold coolant approved for all '99-up PSDs

12/25/03 by WRICH: coolant question

01/15/04 by 99psowner: Coolant

02/16/04 by ronk54: Verifying correct Motorcraft Coolant - changing it tomorrow

03/24/04 by TJC1989: Proof that Ford approves the Long Life Gold Coolant in PSD's?
Has Smokey's answer on Gold approval

04/05/04 by tcnofh1: purple Allied coolant????

04/11/04 by RootDoc: Coolant Color

07/09/04 by DizzyD: got my ZEREX 5-100 & FOMOCO additive......
Has link to pics of what the G-05 looks like

07/15/04 by Seanpatsdad: Question for Smokey about Green Coolant

09/22/04 by Larry M:
Has pics/links and part # for the Zerex G-05 coolant

11/20/04 by Y2KPSD: Smokey - Green or Gold

12/04/04 by legends13: another coolant question
Comments on not using ELC coolants

12/09/04 by mwierowski: Coolant question

03/25/05 by bradyr:

04/01/05 by F350FINALLY:

04/03/05 by Larry M:

04/28/05 by rockycarl:

5/14/05 by glarestop:

07/23/05 by BunnMan:

07/27/05 by jimzpsd:
Has a good post by Tim Miller on his ELC coolant leak issue

Cooling system - Additives/Testing
8/24/02 by m bullock: Why do diesels cooling systems need F16 and not a gassers

9/28/02 by yardape 1: RMI-25 broken link

01/18/03 by Powerstroke2000: A quick PH coolant test question...

01/20/03 by Gstar5327: Coolant Voltage

07/17/03 by MADVAN: Coolant Voltage

10/25/03 by Joecephus: How much FW-16?
Has good discussion on mixing SCAs in coolant

*******expect broken links below here*********
02/24/04 by shoebear: <font color="blue">International tech coolant additive comment</font>
<font color="red"> Has post on how long 444 will go w/o damage and no additive</font>

04/13/04 by PSDJOE: <font color="blue">NAPA COOLING SYSTEM TREATMENT #4058 </font>

07/02/04 by merlin1: <font color="blue">Coolant additive, what does it do? </font>

05/12/05 by ontoughdiesel: <font color="blue">HELP Coolant is green!!! </font>
<font color="red"> Discusses adding SCA to Gold Coolant</font>

06/27/05 by duallydog:
Has comments on nitrites and testing in the Ford Gold coolant

07/04/5 by jschall:
Good post by an actual coolant test guy on testing errors on the Ford Gold coolant

Cooling system - Filters
8/27/02 by Eltoro2000: Help with Coolant Filter selection!!!!!!

01/12/03 by yardape1: <font color="blue">Coolant filter change?</font>

01/18/03 by pennyjim: <font color="blue"> Installation of coolant filter</font>

03/02/03 by FishAlaska: <font color="blue"> Coolant filter </font>

05/27/03 by tginz: <font color="blue"> Coolant Filter Questions ??? </font>

07/11/03 by Hokum: <font color="blue"> 3/8" coolant hose?</font>
<font color="red">Good links to my coolant hose</font>

02/14/04 by Hokum: <font color="blue"> Fist coolant filter change... an eye-opener! </font>

07/06/04 by NChornet: <font color="blue">Adding coolant filter </font>

07/07/04 by goalie: <font color="blue"> coolant filter with water temp gauge</font>

Cooling system - <font color="red">Flushing/Maintenance</font>
02/07/03 by hank53: <font color="blue"> "T" Used to flush cooing system? </font>

05/19/03 by ElkHuntingNM: <font color="blue"> Cooling system maintenance </font>

07/30/03 by Itchn2Ride: <font color="blue">Coolant Change Help</font>

09/02/03 by DizzyD: <font color="blue"> $0.74 worth of free advice, for what it's worth </font>
<font color="red">Failure of factory clamps discussion</font>

10/17/03 by Glenstr: <font color="blue"> thinking about coolant change this weekend... </font>

11/20/03 by SmokeyWren: <font color="blue"> 100,000 mile cooling system maintenance </font>
<font color="red"> Excellent coolant change discussion</font>

12/03/03 by ProPistols: <font color="blue">Constant Torque Clamps for Radiator hoses?</font>

02/13/04 by Hokum: <font color="blue"> Rad hose clamps </font>

01/24/04 by taters250: <font color="blue">Coolant Flush</font>

03/22/04 by garagedog: <font color="blue">coolant change</font>

04/12/04 by garagedog: <font color="blue">Coolant flush </font>

06/18/04 by Mark Hodowanec: <font color="blue"> Coolant Change Procedure </font>

Cooling system - <font color="red">IH Water Pump install on a PSD</font>
04/06/02 by Renegde : <font color="blue">manleyjt - - need a refresher on the water pump blues </font>

04/20/03 by Renegade: <font color="blue"> IH water pump w filter boss on a 99&up 7.3 </font>
<font color="red">Has pics part # for IH pump swap</font>

01/31/04 by grahmbl: <font color="blue"> Anyone have a write up on the internatioal water pump conv.? </font>

02/23/04 by DaveBey: <font color="blue"> Help Me Double-Check Parts List for International Water Pump Change</font>

03/04/04 by ZilardF250: <font color="blue"> IH water pump, can't keep the belt on.</font>

03/09/04 by DaveBey: <font color="blue"> What Your (Genius) Articles Editor Learned Installing the International Water Pump... </font>

10/24/04 by KCovey: <font color="blue"> Installed International water pump w/ stock belt !!! Pics. </font>
<font color="red">Has pics part # for IH pump swap</font>

02/14/05 by Numb: <font color="blue"> Waterpump ???'s </font>

02/26/05 by TexTon: <font color="blue">IH water pump - pre-degas bottle hose part #]</font>

02/27/05 by BigRed CC Dually :<font color="blue"> IH Water Pump Hoses </font>
<font color="red">Has pics part # for IH pump swap</font>

Cooling system - <font color="red">203*T-stat mod</font>
02/22/03 by Menace: <font color="blue">Waiting on Factory Rep (not good) - LONG!</font>
<font color="red">Problems of using wrong thermostat</font>

04/02/03 by Eltoro2000: <font color="blue"> Need opinions on 203 Deg. thermostat on 2002 F-250 </font>

04/14/03 by pwrstrokeme: <font color="blue"> 203 deg thermostat?</font>

04/24/03 by 444turbodiesel: <font color="blue"> Just did the 203 T-stat mod </font>

<font color="red"> 05/04/03 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue"> Actual temps with 203 T-stat</font>

06/20/03 by shesnoisy: <font color="blue"> 203* What the? </font>

06/22/03 by Aceman: <font color="blue"> Evans coolant and 203 degree thermastat</font>

06/22/03 by johnp034: <font color="blue"> 203* Stat and Evans Coolant. 5 Gals?</font>

10/23/03 by Paul_B: <font color="blue">203* t-stat re-install question??? </font>

11/23/03 by RenoF250: <font color="blue">Thermostat Housing Torque </font>

11/27/03 by Flash1034: <font color="blue">Thermostat Housing Leaking---Again...? </font>

01/18/04 by John_Herrera: <font color="blue">203* T-stat and billet housing </font>
<font color="red">Discusses sealant for T-stat housing</font>

01/28/04 by JEEPING: <font color="blue">Pros & Cons of the 203` Tstat? </font>

09/30/04 by PowerstrokeStarr: <font color="blue"> 203* Thermastat Fact or Myth</font>

<font color="red">10/12/04 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue"> 203* T-stat</font>

Cooling system - <font color="red">General & Misc.</font>
06/19/03 by jwillett: <font color="blue"> Need TSB on coolant and trans fluid please </font>
<font color="red"> Has TSB on which coolant and the Mercon/Mercon V info</font>

06/25/03 by EOD: <font color="blue"> I can hear my Fan..Is this normal?? </font>

<font color="red">06/27/03 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue"> Best Coolant Sensor Location </font>

<font color="red">06/29/03 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue"> Coolant Temp Study</font>

03/04/04 by FloridaEd: <font color="blue"> Water Pump Life/Replacement</font>

07/20/04 by SigsPSD: <font color="blue">water pump replacement?</font>

11/30/04 by Horsecamper: <font color="blue"> COOLANT TEST RESULTS !!</font>
<font color="red">Discusses results and costs of details coolant tests on a 6.0L engine</font>

12/07/04 by RagingMain: <font color="blue"> Acceptable Levels of Oil in Coolant?</font>

12/02/04 by jonDIESEL: <font color="blue"> Add Coolant?</font>

04/02/05 byRazzyB: <font color="blue">Water pump bolt - broke off! </font>

05/17/05 by MarEkberg: k<font color="blue">How do you take the dang fan off?</font>

05/21/05 by EOD: <font color="blue">Water Pump Woes... (kinda long) </font>

07/18/05 by JOAT<font color="blue">Coolant Eye???</font>

<font color="red"> Has post by Bob on coolant eye cracking</font>

6/18/02 by mjstef: <font color="blue">Best place to get a spare CPS? </font>

7/19/02 by skammer1: <font color="blue">truck intermittently dies...throws SES then keeps going</font>

01/25/03 by FishAlaska: <font color="blue">CPS part number</font>

03/19/03 by DaveBey: <font color="blue"> More Information Than You Ever Wanted On CPS Part Numbers </font>

02/26/04 by DWNRIGR: <font color="blue"> PSD - Quit at stop lights </font>
<font color="red"> Has link to top thread with pics of CPS and how to change</font>

11/23/04 by DBinColo: <font color="blue"> CPS Question </font>

10/10/02 by jdtractorboy: <font color="blue"> Pictures of Walker BTM</font>

02/08/04 by KRMNAL1: <font color="blue"> Help...on Banks Power Elbow install...$#$%^& down pipe</font>
<font color="red">Has info and links on the no crimp exhaust clamps</font>

10/28/04 by dddenio: <font color="blue"> Stock exhaust Drone inside rear of X</font>

02/03/05 by coldair: <font color="blue"> what parts do I need to change the up pipe gaskets? </font>

11,721 Posts
Discussion Starter · #3 ·
Re: New little secret(F) thru 07/30/05

Here are the F links. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif


Fuel System <font color="red">****Note subsections in Red****</font>

Fuel System <font color="red">- Factory Filters Factory</font>

10/09/02 by golfer: <font color="blue">What is the micron rating of the fuel filter? </font>

10/12/02 by PPrash: <font color="blue"> Basic fuel filter change question </font>

10/22/02 by Bill Bernert: <font color="blue"> Fuel filter romoval tool</font>

08/23/03 by KaBar69: <font color="blue"> Fuel Filter</font>

09/02/03 by Hammer67: <font color="blue"> fuel filter change.just double checking on one thing. </font>

09/03/03 by jonDIESEL: <font color="blue"> Fuel Filter Question - NAPA Okay???</font>

10/29/03 by IBSTROKIN: <font color="blue"> Fuel filter ??s </font>

11/23/03 by KarTek: <font color="blue"> Fuel system experts: Riddle me this... </font>
<font color="red">Has good discussion on the "air notch" on the Racor filter</font>

12/04/03 by hefus: <font color="blue"> fuel filter</font>

01/17/04 by krk: <font color="blue"> Changing the fuel filter, alittle help please</font>

01/19/04 by Shamish: <font color="blue"> Removal tool for fuel filter cap </font>

02/01/04 by Musclford: <font color="blue"> Changed my Fuel Filter, is this Normal?</font>
<font color="red"> Has discussion of what the black stuff is on the in valley fuel filter</font>

02/17/04 by SalemExcursion: <font color="blue"> 2001 Powerstroke Engine Fuel Filter Cap lost</font>

02/26/04 by Timberace: <font color="blue"> Problems removing Fuel Filter from Bowl cap</font>

09/08/04 by MIKECC: <font color="blue">Fuel Filter was Black??</font>

11/12/04 by ford_diesel_man: <font color="blue"> Anyone ever use Deutsch fuel filters? </font>
<font color="red">Discuss lack of the air vent on some fuel filters with the integral lid</font>

02/19/04 by CYCLONEDIESELPERF: <font color="blue"> water in fuel </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion of the alcohol and my Post on what various additives do and their effects</font>

04/14/04 by boughtpaid4; <font color="blue"> Black stuff in fuel filter bowl? </font>

03/08/05<font color="blue">International Part Number </font>
<font color="red">Has post on ford # ( PF81Z9G270BA) for lid</font>

05/02/05 by milner351: <font color="blue">Had one of those nights! NEED FUEL FILTER HSNG CENTER POST!</font>
<font color="red"> Has Ford and IH part # for the fuel filter center post</font>

Fuel system <font color="red"> - fuel pumps</font>
10/26/02 by PSDHokie: <font color="blue">Stock Fuel Pump Flow Test Results (Long) </font>

12/25/02 by PSD_550_Hauler: <font color="blue">New Fuel Pump </font>

<font color="red">12/28/02 by Larry M: </font> <font color="blue">Rash of recent fuel pump failures</font>
<font color="red"> Has a post with part# for permanent sight flow and link to it's specs</font>

01/13/03 by knuckledrager:<font color="blue">Photo's of my fuel pump </font>

01/14/03 by rusty1161: <font color="blue">Fuel pump failure?long</font>

<font color="red">01/30/03 by Larry M: </font><font color="blue">Failed fuel pump internal pictures and testing</font>

02/02/03 by Strangrcr1: <font color="blue"> Fuel pump upgrade</font>
<font color="red"> Has info on slightly upgraded bosch based factory fuel pump</font>

10/17/04 by 75f100: <font color="blue"> what is stock fuel pump specs?</font>

Fuel system <font color="red"> -General</font>
3/7/02 by benco57: <font color="blue">How does the Fuel Filter filter fuel</font>

4/14/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">fuel check valve </font>

5/07/02 by 2JDs: <font color="blue">Direction of fuel thru the head </font>

5/12/02 by Beagle1: <font color="blue">How Ford says the Tank Pick up is "Supposed to Work". </font>

6/03/02 by Advent_01: <font color="blue">Fuel Filter</font>

8/05/02 by Capt_Midnight: <font color="blue">Fuel Usage when using a Digital Auxilliary Idle Control </font>

08/23/02 by knuckledrager: <font color="blue"> HELP no fuel in flter </font>

10/23/02 by dieseldrive: <font color="blue"> How much fuel flows</font>

10/26/02 by Don_Spurrell :<font color="blue"> Sand Like Material in My Fuel </font>

11/05/02 by PSDHokie: <font color="blue"> Sotck Fuel Filter Bowl Capacity Concerns</font>

11/09/02 by drewg350: <font color="blue">High performance fuel plumbing question for the experts??</font>

11/14/02 by FMTRVT: <font color="blue"> OE Fuel Filter test </font>

12/03/02 by riggler: <font color="blue"> ideal fuel temps </font>

12/13/02 by Mark Hodowanec: <font color="blue">Fuel Filter Question</font>
<font color="red">Has updated info on fuel flow thru factory filter</font>

12/25/02 by PSD_550_Hauler: <font color="blue"> NO FUEL in filter.</font>

02/17/03 by Blaster125: <font color="blue"> Fuel Heater getting installed today</font>

02/25/03 by DENNY: <font color="blue"> Can I move the fuel pump up to the engine compartment?</font>

04/03/03 by David C: <font color="blue"> Target fuel temperature of 80 to 100 degrees? ? ? </font>

12/08/03 by PH: <font color="blue">Fuel consumption when idling</font>

01/26/04 by disk_drive_eng: <font color="blue">Fuel Expansion Calculation and Harpoon Mod ]</font>

07/03/04 by crecelius: <font color="blue"> fuel filter ??? getting rid of the stock fuel bowl</font>

09/24/04 by Nu2meERLY99: <font color="blue"> Tank and Pump Mod Question </font>
<font color="red">Has my post with link to the QD tool for fuel lines</font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- gelling and jellyfish</font>
12/04/02 by DumboDog00: <font color="blue"> Gelling temperature </font>

01/23/03 by Herd_Bull: <font color="blue">Can somebody set me straight on winter diesel fuel.</font>

01/24/03 by mathew_5974: <font color="blue">truck gelled up last night </font>

01/28/03 by SteveNC: <font color="blue">BOY...what a gelled on me! </font>

02/24/03 by goinbatty: <font color="blue"> gelling, what to do now?</font>

1/05/04 by TGviper: <font color="blue">Emergency Help needed - GELLING </font>

1/06/04 by Blow_by:<font color="blue">***No-Gell *** Regulated Fuel Return </font>

1/10/04 by markz: <font color="blue">Pre-pump mod and gelling</font>

1/16/04 by 1 basic truck:<font color="blue">ICE IN FUEL SYSTEM </font>

1/26/04 by TGviper <font color="blue">Gell Gell Gell some more! </font>

01/29/04 by JimTJr: <font color="blue">Algea,,,or spinach in my tank??? YUK!!!! </font>

01/30/04 by vjohn346: <font color="blue">In Tank Mods and Gelling </font>

07/10/04 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue"> How to kill the critters in the fuel tank?</font>

12/14/04 by Bobcat698: <font color="blue"> Pre pump filter and GELLING.. </font>

1/13/05 by live2fly172: <font color="blue"> Fuel Gelling</font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- drain and WIFL/heater problems</font>
8/23/02 by 390pony: <font color="blue"> Water in Fuel Warning Light?</font>

10/03/02 by TerryP: <font color="blue"> Fuel Filter Drain Leak </font>

04/18/03 by Ron H.: <font color="blue"> Fuel Drain leak </font>

07/15/03 by chicane: <font color="blue"> Fuel leak from fuel/water seperator drain vave?</font>
<font color="red">Good links to replacing the O-rings in valve</font>

10/02/03 by metoo: <font color="blue"> Fuel filter drain valve is LEAKING. </font>

12/09/03 by bobofish: <font color="blue"> leaky fule canister valve? </font>
<font color="red">Another good thread on fixing the drain valve o-rings</font>

08/06/04 by joediesle: <font color="blue">FUEL FILTER ASS. LEAKING </font>

09/07/04 by PRDATR: <font color="blue"> Procedure for Fuel Drain Valve and O-Ring PN Needed</font>

01/22/05 by nbeihl: <font color="blue"> Fuel Heater looks broken? (Pictures) </font>

04/23/05 by RAC400: <font color="blue">Help, Blowing fuse # 30 </font>
<font color="red">No start problems due to fuel heater</font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- pre pump filter general</font>
4/11/02 by Bugs66: <font color="blue">Testmaster fuel filter - churning bubbles?</font>

5/01/02 by olemissalum: <font color="blue">inline screens VS. fue filter for Hutch mod </font>

05/22/02 by racortech: <font color="blue"> Racor tech here to help with any questions you may have </font>

6/25/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">Larry M, got 0psi vacume.</font>

10/19/02 by PSD_RULES: <font color="blue">What Filter Are You Using For The Pre-Pump Mod?</font>

10/22/02 by PSDHokie: <font color="blue"> Why not use these fuel filters as a replacement for the stock filter bowl?</font>

10/23/02 by willtill: <font color="blue"> Runni'n the 'ole $2.99 Purolater fuel filter.... </font>

11/01/02 by drewg350: <font color="blue"> Reg. Mod's---Can I lose the stock fuel filter housing????</font>

11/02/02 by tomshep: <font color="blue"> S. Texas fuel update </font>

11/21/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">Larry M, feed lines and new pump in.....</font>

12/28/02 by Major P: <font color="blue">In-Line Fuel Filter Question</font>

02/12/03 by dtb: <font color="blue">Which pre-pump filter should I choose? </font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- pre pump filter Dahl</font>
5/29/02 by coldair: <font color="blue"> Where in the world do you mount that big Dahl fuel filter? </font>

8/24/02 by AWELSH: <font color="blue">DAHL filter draining/ Regulator bypass </font>

8/25/02 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue">Where to hang the Dahl filter?</font>
<font color="red"> Has a post by me with links to my valves and ref to manufacturer</font>

8/26/02 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue">Mounting a pre-pump filter </font>

10/25/02 by hardware45: <font color="blue"> What's the diff b/w the Dahl 100 and the ones offered at Amsoil site </font>

11/12/02 by JCooper: <font color="blue"> Dahl Filter Question</font>
<font color="red">Has link to differences between 100 and 100M</font>

08/29/03 by SteveBKFLD : <font color="blue">Just installed a Dahl 100 - few questions</font>

11/30/03 by powerstroke250: <font color="blue"> Dahl filter pics </font>

08/04/04 by yote: <font color="blue"> dahl 100 and factory fuel filter</font>
<font color="red"> Good discussion on when to change both</font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- pre pump filter Racor</font>
7/01/02 by DixieDiesel: <font color="blue">Racor filter and Pre-pump mod question </font>

7/22/02 by sknodl: <font color="blue">Which Racor Filter for Pre-Pump Mod? </font>

7/29/02 by WarrenC: <font color="blue">My Racor 645R30 sucking air</font>
<font color="red"> Has my post to the Summit #220169 fuel fittings</font>

8/07/02 by rlarkin: <font color="blue">Sent an email to Racortech- here is his reply! </font>

11/02/02 by sod dude: <font color="blue"> Whose running an aux. Racor??</font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- pre pump filter & air removal - AirDog, FASS, Fuel Preporator</font>
8/02/02 by NRTS: <font color="blue">Fuel/Air Separator w/Heater and Filtration </font>

08/15/03 by gdo: <font color="blue"> Fuel Preporator</font>

11/06/03 by Tampa550 :<font color="blue"> Fuel Preporator vs FASS vs ITP "complete fuel system upgrade" </font>
<font color="red"> Best technical discussion of these devices to date</font>

<font color="red">01/29/04 by Larry M :</font><font color="blue"> WHAT IS THIS MOD aka F.I.</font>
<font color="red">Has information on Erick's Fuel Imposter air separator</font>

07/30/04 by Daisy096: <font color="blue"> AirDog Update</font>

02/12/05 by ProPistols: <font color="blue"> AirDog Adventures with FordMasterTech</font>

Fuel system <font color="red"> -mods mostly pre pump and in tank</font>
03/03/02 by Fireman717: <font color="blue"> tank mod questions again help </font>

4/06/02 by Contemplating73: <font color="blue">Problem on early 99 getting test port out of head!</font>

5/05/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">Anyone doing the tank mods want to do something different? </font>

5/10/02 by jermort: <font color="blue">Mort’s $1.98 Fuel Line Fix.</font>

5/11/02 by Firedogbme: <font color="blue">Help! I need some data from the TT / Hutch mod </font>

5/28/02 by Darylmex: <font color="blue">In tank fuel mod back original</font>

6/06/02 by tomshep: <font color="blue">My unbiased opinion of the work installing the fuel system mods.</font>

06/27/02 by Maroon Harpoon: <font color="blue"> I *harpooned* my tank (a mod to fill it full fast!)</font>

7/08/02 by beddins: <font color="blue"> an alternate fuel system , HP oil routing and big exhaust for a 94-97</font>

7/22/02 by critterstroke: <font color="blue">prepump mod </font>

<font color="red">8/01/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Fuel Lines 101</font>

8/05/02 by Chewie: <font color="blue">Possible alternative solution to the in-tank mod and the air in the fuel problem</font>

8/09/02 by ktmrider: <font color="blue">Pre-Pump, Tank Mod and Racor Filter </font>

8/10/02 by jbc: <font color="blue">Advice on fuel system mods</font>

8/19/02 by CW3: <font color="blue">Tank mod, fuel return line</font>

8/23/02 by jswillms: <font color="blue">Have you seen Beddins fuel setup?</font>

08/30/02 by PS4me: <font color="blue">In Tank Mod - FYI</font>

9/09/02 by PS4me: <font color="blue">Pre-pump & In-tank mods with Racor filter</font>

10/18/02 by Richard0227: <font color="blue"> QUIT DOING ANY FUEL MODS TO YOUR TRUCK</font>

11/05/02 by 57smurf: <font color="blue"> fuel tank mod</font>

12/05/02 by FishonAlaska: <font color="blue">Pre pump Mod</font>

12/05/02 by D_I_M _jones: <font color="blue"> fuel hose, 30r7 or 30r6??</font>

12/09/02 by 4diesel: <font color="blue">OK...In-tank mixer...stay or need to go? Your opinions please!</font>

01/29/03 by D_I_M_Jones: <font color="blue">fuel bypass mod/existing filter ?</font>
<font color="red">Has links/info on T-ing and shimming factory regulator</font>

02/02/03 by Elk_chaser: <font color="blue"> HUTCH'S MODS - stock pick up or filter? </font>

04/16/03 by ktee1: <font color="blue"> In tank and pre pump mods.? </font>

06/15/03 by Bobcat698: <font color="blue"> Kinda botched my Pre Pump & Tank mods.... </font>

06/28/03 by Pyromed1: <font color="blue"> Fuel Temps with Regulator Mod. </font>

07/09/03 by Pyromed1: <font color="blue"> Fuel Temps... (cont.) </font>

01/16/04 by GSP: <font color="blue">OK, I have tried to summarize the GSP fuel system build with supplier links. (1.5 year update) </font>

02/15/05 by CSIPSD: <font color="blue"> Shimming fuel regulater </font>

07/27/05 by moose9PS: <font color="blue"> ordered new fuel system</font>
<font color="red">Has post by Bob on pump selection, lines, pre pump filter </font>

Fuel system <font color="red">- Air problems</font>
03/02/02 by hutchinaugusta: <font color="blue"> Problems Found In Fuel Supply Lines And Fuel Tank </font>

4/09/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue"> Anyone wondering if they should fix the fuel, check this out</font>
<font color="red">Has my fuel system observations post in it</font>

4/27/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">I found the Pat's air. and you aren't going to beleive it. </font>

05/02/02 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue"> Boy, getting air in sucks!</font>
<font color="red"> Has a post describing the valves in my fuel isolation manifold with part #, etc.</font>

05/16/02 by fishy: <font color="blue">Stainless tubing not compatible with Brass fittings??</font>

07/04/02 by DouglasJ: <font color="blue"> Where's the air bubbles? </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion of Jack's in tank testing and the worm clamp problem</font>

7/14/02 by hank53: <font color="blue">Tiny bubbles in the line</font>

8/02/02 by RichS: <font color="blue">NIB assembly design causing Pat's air? </font>

8/04/02 by tzpetri: <font color="blue">Air in fuel???????? How about the return line? </font>

8/22/02 by spepin: <font color="blue">Potential problem with reg bypass mods. Anybody know of an air/fuel separator?</font>

8/28/02 by spoff99: <font color="blue">HELP still have air in fuel, after tank mod</font>

11/13/02 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue"> Got Air? Flip your Dahl filter.</font>
<font color="red">Has links to all my Dahl install stuff</font>

11/17/02 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue"> It's Open Season on Air in the Fuel lines</font>
<font color="red">Has David H's memo for the most part in GEM 11/28 post</font>

12/26/02 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue"> Got Air? Not anymore! (long)</font>

<font color="red">02/25/03 by Larry M: </font> <font color="blue"> Air and the Dahl pre pump filter </font>

02/26/03 by puttingreenman: <font color="blue"> Fuel pump problems</font>
<font color="red">Another good discussion of what Jack found in the tank re:mixing chamber, worm clamps, etc.</font>

04/08/03 by FMTRVT: <font color="blue"> Oh, Paul .....Larry......Spoff99</font>
<font color="red"> Has link to Dodge folks air in fuel work</font>

06/17/03 by superchargedpsd: <font color="blue"> pre pump filter- any out there that dont entrain air??? </font>

07/25/03 by SteveBKFLD: <font color="blue"> Help, air in my Vormax</font>

08/12/03 by Bobcat698: <font color="blue"> Pre Pump Mod air in filter question.. </font>

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Re: New little secrets(G) thru 07/30/05

Here are the G Links

Gauges ****Note subsections in Red****

Gauges - General
2/04/02 by Daddys_truck: ISSPRO EV gauges with red needles

3/02/02 by Larry M: Understanding EGT measuring devices

3/21/02 by Brent - DIS: Isspro EV gauges with colored pointers - opinions needed

12/11/02 by bulletpruf: Guage Install Complete, Finally !! Guage Readings ??

02/28/03 by Bake1450: Pre or Post turbo EGT gauge? Which is best??

06/05/03 by sduncan: X-Monitor trans temps/pyro temps

08/28/04 by trpe: Gauge Reading Information

09/25/04 by woodwalker: X-Monitor vs 3 Pod gauges

10/02/04 by krshultz: Big rig pyros installed after turbo...what gives?
Good links to the pre and post turbo temps observed and those that switched probes from post to pre

Gauges - Install
06/15/01 by Menace: AUTO TRANS EXPERTS - NEED HELP ASAP!!!
Discusses broke tranny sensor

12/30/01 by Yardbrew:

2/22/02 by snakehorse1: Ok you Guage Installation Experts - Answer This???

2/24/02 by ChiefTAM: ISSPRO Pyrometer Hook-up Question

4/01/02 by W33-99F: Finished Dash Top gauge install (Water Temp, Engine Oil Pressure/Temp)

4/24/02 by van_350sd:
--------- links below not fixed yet -------------
11/05/02 by D_I_M_jones: pre or post turbo pyro

12/06/02 by JCaisse: IM SO CONFUSED???
Has gauge discussion along with calibration info links

12/10/02 by dieselb: POST-turbo thermocouple recommended by BD-Power. WHY???
Has post with link to my pre/post turbo readings

12/15/02 by nickPSD: gauge pods (4 or more gauges)
Has links to all gauge options I know of

12/15/02 by Ron: Pyro gauge light question

03/27/03 by spoff99: Trans temp and Engine oil temp on one Isspro guage

03/29/03 by clydesdale: I think i screwed up my isspro ev guages, not sure if i can recommend these

09/04/03 by born4h2o: Removal of Y pipe for pre turbo EGT sensor

01/01/04 by ROADKILL: I have my pyro sending unit in after the turob what problems will I have?
Has my post on the pryo lag times

07/23/04 by lawdog: Customer Access Wires

08/09/04 by afboone88: How is everyone's EGT's while towing up hills

12/04/04 by lionhunter: Gauges and sensor locations

06/06/05 by Lizman: Pre-turbo EGT sensor question

Gauges -Problems
01/03/02 by SmokeyWren: Oops! Fix for ISSPRO EV pyros

02/08/02 by redbrand: Isspro Pyro Factor calibration out of tolerence.

03/10/02 by Always_Workin: Pyro install-Something is wrong

12/21/02 by dewaldjh: Pyrometer reading high

03/01/03 by NP: Pyrometer Accuracy

04/13/03 by controlfreak: Isspro guages..problems

07/06/03 by Larry S.: Calibrated my pyrometer today and made a discovery
Good discussion on calibrating pyrometers and ref junction temps

GPR (Glow Plugs and Relay) ****Note subsections in Red

GPR (Glow Plugs and Relay) - General
12/05/02 by Matt92man: What is the other relay??

12/12/02 by LoveLearn: Any others prefer Manual Glow Plug Relay control vs. auto?

12/27/02 by Johnathebar: Glow Plug Relay question

12/27/02 by hemmen: truck is hard to start, are glow plugs/relays covered under 100k engine warranty

01/04/03 by jamessmith: glow plug control unit

01/18/03 by Phil Sag :Glow Plug Relay

01/27/03 by 01_silver_psd: Glow plug relay?????

02/26/03 by JimTJr: Glo plug relay,,,

11/09/03 by haul_n_horses2: Stancor 586-902 GP Relay Died In One Months Use!!!!

12/17/03 by Paul H: Anyone else go through Napa GPR's like water?

12/18/03 by Scoobus: Napa Glow Plug Relay

01/05/04 by vettejeep: Adding a Second GPR for Cold Start Reliability?

01/12/04 by INSAYN: Dual GPR's

01/24/04 by delyle: glowplugs keep burning out]

01/28/04 by Gitty-up-go: Glow plug dash light ???

02/16/04 by Marhttp:eek:on Harpoon: Glow Plug Relay (GPR) >

04/07/04 by BUD21: Glow Plug Relay

09/21/04 by Quadzilla: Glow plug broken off in head, any ideas?

09/21/04 by Nu2meERLY99: Should I change my Glow Plugs? And if so, How?

11/14/04 by bricktop: glow plug harness fix?

GPR (Glow Plugs and Relay) - problems/trouble shooting
12/02/02 by Nit Glowplug relay doesn't turn off

12/03/02 by KB: Is it my Glow Plugs or the relay.
Great GPR TS procedure

12/09/02 by JazzBass: GPR Testing Results

01/23/03 by PSD_550_Hauler: Test Glow Plug Relay?

01/31/03 by 2K1YZFR1: GPR relay test question?!?!

11/23/04 by Derag2: how to check gloplugs?

04/06/05 by kevinchesley: Broken Glow Plug

GPR (Glow Plugs and Relay) - Sources/types
12/01/02 by AlH: NAPA GPR109 High Current Draw

12/03/02 by redbrand: HIGH current GP relay replacment - another style.

12/27/02 by LvSteveH: Glow Plug Relay- There has to be a better mousetrap !

01/08/03 by shoebear: Stancor heavy-duty GPR replacement ??

02/09/04 by EvanMAC: I found the ultimate GPR!

04/08/04 by djen223: best glow plugs

07/06/04 by shoebear: Stancor contactor (GPR) for $20

10/25/04 by RASS: Where to get a Stancor?

11/04/04 by KentuckyDiesel: Toasted another GP relay. How are those stancors doing for you guys????

11/17/04 by Ran440: Moved this post from from upgrade and aftermarket - Napa GPR109 VS GPR110

03/14/05 by gmpt444espd: Glow Plug Relay #

05/09/05 by Tazzman: Glow plug brand

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Re: New little secrets(H-S) thru 07/30/05

Here are the H thru S links


12/03/03 by mobiltechs: <font color="blue"> Tech needs help</font>

01/07/04 by Powerstroke2000: <font color="blue"> Photo's uploaded of the 99+ HPOP..check 'em out.. </font>

03/12/04 by ThePenguin: <font color="blue">Killed my truck - little help?</font>
<font color="red">Has info on restarting after HPOP work</font>

07/24/04 by dmaxEter: <font color="blue">HPOP fitting o-rings</font>

08/27/04 by xrxtech: <font color="blue">HPOP quick disconnect tool</font>

12/07/04 by Swamp Donkey: <font color="blue"> HPOP Test Results</font>
<font color="red">Discusses Swamps, HPOP tests results</font>

03/07/05 by Haubeil: <font color="blue"> Found oil leak! ...HPOP fitting. </font>
<font color="red">Discusses HPOP line part numbers and fitting tool</font>

07/27/05 by smcguirt: <font color="blue"> Replacing O rings on HPOP </font>

H/X mod aka High Pressure Oil Crossover
5/14/02 by wfodickinson: <font color="blue">HX install. Quick advice please.</font>

5/24/02 by bulrid8: <font color="blue"> HX MOD Parts? Need quick!! </font>

06/10/02 by Green_Machine: <font color="blue"> H X MOD WARNING </font>

07/04/02 by Green_Machine: <font color="blue"> HX HOSE part 2 </font>

8/10/02 by civicrr: <font color="blue">Hx mod ? - torque reading </font>

09/10/02 by wcbrown: <font color="blue"> The best quality H/X mod kit? </font>

09/13/02 by POS: <font color="blue"> If you do oil press line mod, you'd better carry the plugs</font>

<font color="red">10/10/02 by Larry M: </font><font color="blue"> Quality H/X mod </font>

10/20/02 by Animull: <font color="blue"> HX Mod leakage...anyone else? </font>

11/05/02 by DwarfRacer13: <font color="blue"> H/X Mod = vibration ????</font>

12/31/02 by Scott_Fisher: <font color="blue">Crossover hose for oil rails</font>

12/18/03 by c_monster70: <font color="blue"> Blown H/X line...almost </font>

03/05/04 by Soaggydogg: <font color="blue">This damn HX hose mod....... LEAKS......... ]</font>
<font color="red">Has P/N for Oil rail plugs</font>

09/30/04 by goalie: <font color="blue"> icp(10k mod) and idm mods</font>
<font color="red"> Has my post on timing wrt to the 10K, IDM, and EOT mods</font>

06/02/05 by shbman: <font color="blue">confused!!!!!!!!!! </font>
<font color="red">Trouble shooting ICP and/or EBP sensor issues</font>

Idle knock
See Cackle

5/12/02 by Gateman: <font color="blue">Solid plunger injector option???? </font>

7/03/02 by CKing: <font color="blue">Did the results come in from studying air damage to injectors?</font>

10/11/02 by KHWindham: <font color="blue"> Test box for injectors.</font>

01/15/03 by mullins87: <font color="blue">Injector Failure?</font>
<font color="red">Mainly a discussion of fuel quality/jellyfish/water</font>

01/22/03 by CarterKraft: <font color="blue"> Cold Fuel Kills Injectors!</font>

01/26/03 by Whitestroke: <font color="blue">Who sells the new Tungsten coated AD Injector for # 8 cyl.</font>

05/03/04 by Powerstroke2000: <font color="blue">Injector Performance Analyzer? </font>

04/17/05 by rusty1161: <font color="blue">Anyone use these injector installer/removal tools?</font>

03/26/05 by TheGhost: <font color="blue">Help!!! Injector Wiring or IDM Problems </font>

10/12/04 by ProPistols: <font color="blue"> IDM Mod</font>

03/26/05 by TheGhost: <font color="blue">Help!!! Injector Wiring or IDM Problems</font>

06/02/05 by termite: <font color="blue">Running Rough and a P1316 Code Injector Driver Module?? </font>
<font color="red">Describes problems with wiring and valve cover harness issues</font>

09/24/04 by JazzBass: <font color="blue"> Cleaning IPR</font>

09/27/04 by JazzBass: <font color="blue"> Question on IPR From International</font>

05/10/05 by Gymbo: <font color="blue">IPR O-Ring Replacement How-To Article Link?</font>

05/24/05 by Mo_Smoke<font color="blue">Stuck IPR ??? </font>
<font color="red">Has IH part# for the two types of IPR</font>

06/07/05 by RAC400: <font color="blue">IPR rebuild</font>
<font color="red">Has part # for both Ford and IH IPR rebuild kits</font>

<font color="red">7/22/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">MPG Graph for 15K </font>

11/09/02 by Big Fig: <font color="blue"> Fuel Mileage While Towing?</font>

Oil & Oil Additives - Engine
01/01/04 by JOE TURBO DIESEL: <font color="blue"> Engine oil additives </font>

<font color="red">11/27/04 by LarryM:</font> <font color="blue"> Rotella-T API CI-4 "PLUS" now available at WW</font>

Oil Analysis
<font color="red">8/10/01 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Oil Analysis Collection Procedures </font>

12/01/01 by Dually Diesel: <font color="blue"> Blackstone Labs--- High Iron </font>

12/02/01 by Dually Diesel: <font color="blue"> Blackstone Labs--- High Iron (Cont')</font>

2/15/02 by FMTRVT: <font color="blue">Gathering of Oil Analysis Reports, With or Without Bypass Filters</font>

8/20/02 by synapco: <font color="blue">Blackstone States the Problem may be using Amsoil and Stanadyne????</font>

9/24/02 by Darylmex: <font color="blue"> Oil analysis trobleshooting guide</font>

<font color="red">10/07/02 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue"> Latest Blackstone Oil Analysis</font>

<font color="red">02/15/03 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue"> PSD Oil Particle Analysis Results are in</font>

08/02/03 by FMTRVT: <font color="blue"> Oil Analysis Spreadsheet Update 8/03 </font>

02/08/04 by 1Bubba: <font color="blue">Need help quick please!</font>
<font color="red">Has info on how to check for fuel in oil</font>

04/12/04 by FMTRVT: <font color="blue">Oil Viscosity Reduction in the 6.0L</font>

Oil Filters - General
02/01/04 by benny770: <font color="blue"> oil filter problem please need help a.s.a.p </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on removing stuck oil filter</font>

02/18/04 by Deib: <font color="blue"> Finally the New Fleetgaurds are out! </font>
<font color="red">Discussion of the new LF 9027 FF and oil bypass combo filter</font>

02/24/04 by MyAustinFX4: <font color="blue"> Oil Filters</font>
<font color="red"> Good discssion about oil filters in general</font>

02/24/04 by jschira: <font color="blue">Fram Oil Filters </font>
<font color="red"> Another good discussion of oil filters in general and quality</font>

Oil bypass filters
02/09/02 by GARTHO:
<font color="blue">Can your by-pass filter do this? </font>
<font color="red">Pretty good discussion overall</font>

01/02/03 by shoebear: <font color="blue">Oil bypass filters</font>
<font color="red">Has Bob's post on the 1/10 nominal, 3 micron absolute for the Amsoil fiters</font>

02/25/04 by feddoc: <font color="blue"> For you AMSOIL bypass users, I have a question.</font>

11/15/04 by SRT: <font color="blue"> By-Pass Filter Help</font>
<font color="red">Discusses effect of bypass oil filters on additives in the oil</font>

Oil Pan, Valve Covers & Cooling Jets <font color="red">- Problems</font>

04/12/05 by klmnla: <font color="blue">object in oil pan </font>
<font color="red">Has link to pic of piston cooling jet</font>

04/21/05 by Kampinguru: <font color="blue">Oil Pan Replacement - Advice needed </font>

06/02/05 by Wayne B: <font color="blue">Piston Cooling Jet Pictures </font>

07/17/05 by WHITEWOLF: <font color="blue">Removing Valve Covers </font>
<font color="red">Has part numbers for gaskets and UVC retaining clips</font>

PCM general and codes
6/26/01 by sphurley: <font color="blue">Barometric Pressure Sensor </font>

<font color="red">4/02/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">PCM uses Barometric Pressure as an Input </font>

7/19/02 by DOUGBIDDY: <font color="blue">ARE WE BETTER OFF BUYING A PCM?</font>

8/19/02 by DSI: <font color="blue">PCM codes vs mods vs lack of power </font>

8/28/02 by DaveBey: <font color="blue">So You Wanna Know Your PCM Calibration?</font>

11/28/02 by StangmanMark: <font color="blue"> Have two codes need to know what they are</font>

09/14/03 by mike100: <font color="blue"> Anybody ever had to replace a PCM? </font>
<font color="red"> Has links to sources of PCMs</font>

12/21/03 by ASEMechanic: <font color="blue">PCM Basics - 101 </font>

Power Steering
11/27/02 by CKing: <font color="blue"> Best way to change Power steering fluid????</font>

01/12/03 by HorsePowerJunkie: <font color="blue">Magnefine Filter on Power Steering Pump...made it moan and groan...any relocation suggestions?</font>

03/09/03 by dvb: <font color="blue"> Power Steering Filter ..... Yes or No ??? </font>

12/20/03 by DENNY: <font color="blue"> Instructions on Power steering flush </font>

01/21/04 by tginz: <font color="blue">QUESTIONS RE: PS FLUID FLUSH? </font>

02/21/04 by Big_Fig: <font color="blue"> PS Pump Pulley Puller.... *UPDATE* *It Was The GearBox Leaking* </font>
<font color="red">Has part # for Pulley Puller</font>

10/13/04 by wildbill1963: <font color="blue"> Power Steering Fluid change </font>

Rear End/Axle
01/02/03 by dvb: <font color="blue">My Un-Limited slip differential ..... </font>

11/03/03 by powerboatr: <font color="blue"> newest member of the pinion seal leak </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion of clogged rear axle vent failures</font>

12/07/03 by skyhigh: <font color="blue"> Help! Ford Tech says 80w/90 full synthetic ok for rear diff?????</font>

02/25/04 by Smokn: <font color="blue">When to change oil in the Diff?</font>

10/27/04 by 2kpsd4x4: <font color="blue"> Limited Slip Additive Question....My First Post </font>

11/13/04 by ploglet: <font color="blue"> whats the easiest way to check what gears are in a truck?</font>
<font color="red">Has all the rear axle codes</font>[/url]

7/13/02 by dmftoy1: <font color="blue">OBD II Scan Tool Advice? </font>

<font color="red">7/15/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">New AutoTap Software</font>

10/06/02 by ChiefGReid: <font color="blue"> Auto Tap Diagnostic Update</font>

10/28/02 by Animull: <font color="blue"> Code scanner...which one?</font>

02/23/03 by oldbarginhunter: <font color="blue"> Peper's Car Code OBD-2</font>

12/13/03 by Subman: <font color="blue"> Enter your SES code here.</font>

12/31/03 by DrDenny: <font color="blue"> OBDll PC tools </font>

01/08/04 by Bennetts: <font color="blue">OBD-2 Scanner Software - seeking opinions </font>

03/16/05 by jd30d: <font color="blue"> OBD software </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion of the new autoenginuity software</font>

10/13/03 by Heygreg: <font color="blue">Shocks!!!! Rough Ride??</font>


04/18/05 by mucor: <font color="blue"> Anyone adjust their steering box? </font>

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Re: New little secrets(T) thru 07/30/05

Here are the T Links:

<font color="red">2/11/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Tag Towing Links</font>

3/14/02 by Tall Timbers: <font color="blue">trailers: max weight v.s. distributed weight question </font>

6/07/02 by Larry S.: <font color="blue"> Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolts for fifth wheel hitch </font>

06/14/02 by Freightrain: <font color="blue">Towing and license plates.....Bad news story </font>

8/08/02 by rod248: <font color="blue"> What RPM's should be used for towing </font>

11/09/02 by Big Fig: <font color="blue"> Fuel Mileage While Towing?</font>

11/25/02 by MattBMiller: <font color="blue"> Lost my trailer this weekend. </font>

11/26/02 by McDiesel: <font color="blue"> Do You Cross Your Safety Chains? </font>

01/11/03 by JDookie: <font color="blue">Anything better than Tekonsha Prodigy??</font>

01/12/03 by RenoBigfoot: <font color="blue">RV Batteries, 2-12 Volt or 2 -6 Volt ??</font>

02/01/03 by Poltax1: <font color="blue">Trailer Weight & Tow Vehicle </font>

04/06/03 by Gruss: <font color="blue"> Trailer tires bias-ply vr's radials </font>

07/09/03 by Lud: <font color="blue"> Towed again after mods and forum advice...WOW!</font>

03/15/04 by StuartV: <font color="blue"> Towing over weight?</font>

<font color="red">06/18/04 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue">11,200 miles, 24 states and 61 days later </font>

06/26/04 by jh635csi: <font color="blue"> Check your trailer lugnuts!</font>

06/26/04 by DSjockey: <font color="blue">Max towed weight F350 </font>
<font color="red"> Good post by Smokey on 5ers and what vehicles will tow what</font>

08/21/04 by StereoGuy: <font color="blue"> Very unhappy with towing speed (HELP) </font>

07/31/05 by Greguw: <font color="blue">Climbing Hills </font>

Transmission <font color="red">****Note subsections in Red</font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> General</font>
04/25/02 by LANDFILLRAT: <font color="blue"> overdrive or not</font>
<font color="red"> Has Mark's comments on tranny learning and the mistake in the owner's manual</font>

8/19/02 by JAS2563: <font color="blue"> LOCKING THE TRANSMISSION IN 3RD GEAR</font>

12/06/02 by ChrisP: <font color="blue"> Calling all Tranny Experts (i.e. Mark!)</font>

12/16/02 by hsmunoz: <font color="blue"> dub question but are our 4R100's are 5 speeds right?</font>

01/13/03 by dvb: <font color="blue"> PCM re-flashed ..... What does it mean ???</font>
<font color="red"> Has discussion of the tranny adaptive strategy misconception</font>

03/26/03 by Robyn: <font color="blue"> Poll: Does your brake pedal always unlock your torque converter?</font>

<font color="red">07/23/03 by Larry M: </font> <font color="blue"> HELP me understand</font>
<font color="red">Discussion of tranny sensor in 5R110 tranny</font>

02/27/04 by Powerstroke2000: <font color="blue">Torque Convertors explained and more: </font>

09/05/04 by CSIPSD: <font color="blue"> TRANNY ? 4r100 </font>
<font color="red"> Another discussion of the 4R100 adaptive shift strategy myth</font>

12/09/04 by gtspowerstroke: <font color="blue"> tranny cooler line size.</font>
<font color="red"> Discusses cooling lines size differences in pre and post 97 PSDs</font>

01/31/05 by quadloco: <font color="blue"> TC locking and unlocking while towing</font>

05/05/05 by CoonInCo: <font color="blue">My Truck knows how to "Learn"?</font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> Type of Fluid Discussions</font>
05/24/02 by bulldogger: <font color="blue">Amsoil SYN ATF for Auto Trans. Clarification</font>
<font color="red"> More of Mark K's comments on MERCON/MERCON V</font>

12/19/02 by squirrel: <font color="blue">Amsoil</font>
<font color="red">Has Mark K. post on type tranny fluid to use</font>

01/11/03 by cwbf250: <font color="blue"> Slipping trans after fluid change</font>
<font color="red">Has Mark K.'s comments on using synthetic in the 4R100 tranny </font>

02/02/03 by jdholder: <font color="blue"> Mobil 1 for the Tranny</font>

02/07/03 by CPSS: <font color="blue"> MERCON vs MERCON 5 again </font>
<font color="red"> Has Mark's comments on Mercon V damaging 4R100 and how long it takes</font>

02/11/03 by WarfieldAngus: <font color="blue"> What type of transmission fluid should I use?</font>

04/24/03 by GEARJAMMER: <font color="blue"> Synthetic ATF</font>

06/19/03 by jwillett: <font color="blue"> Need TSB on coolant and trans fluid please </font>
<font color="red"> Has TSB on which coolant and the Mercon/Mercon V info</font>

07/02/03 by P_S_D: <font color="blue"> TRANSMISSION FLUID QUESTION ??????</font>

07/26/03 by Glenstr: <font color="blue"> Went to put Mobil 1 synth in and shop refused..</font>

09/23/04 by RIGHTFOOTBURIED: <font color="blue"> MERCON V in an 01 trans </font>

05/12/05 by barryf350 <font color="blue">Dealer Flushed transmission using Mercon V </font>
<font color="red"> Has one post on loosing a tranny using Mercon V</font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> Maintenance/Flushing</font>
7/24/02 by hucklejack: <font color="blue"> Transmission Additive What is it?</font>
<font color="red"> Has Mark K's comments on chemicals and additives in ATF service </font>

7/31/02 by SmokeyWren: <font color="blue">Changing ATF - testing Mark Kovalsky's procedures</font>

9/25/02 by frobozz: <font color="blue">Another vote for FAQ method of ATF flush/change </font>

<font color="red">12/09/02 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue">It's a winner ...</font>

12/14/02 by pabrannan: <font color="blue">Tranny fluid change </font>

03/24/03 by BlueForester: <font color="blue"> Purge Auto Transmission Fluid?? </font>

04/26/03 by Dick Cutting: <font color="blue">No Drain Plug in Torque Converter??</font>
<font color="red">Has cut off date of 8/01 for TC drain plug</font>

08/09/03 by dieseldean: <font color="blue"> Trans. Pan torque..</font>

09/20/04 by millwrightdude: <font color="blue"> Tranny fluid (service time) </font>

02/18/05 by wizard 1: <font color="blue"> Tranny fluid and filter change?</font>

Transmission <font color="red"> temps and gauges</font>
6/06/02 by Blaster125: <font color="blue"> Trans. Temp Questions</font>
<font color="red">Has Mark K's post on designed op temps of tranny</font>

7/03/02 by BigRed CC Dually: <font color="blue">ATF Life vs. Temperature</font>

12/03/02 by garyjohnson: <font color="blue"> 4R100 Temp Sensor Port </font>
<font color="red"> Has my comments on the variance in the temp at the sensor port and up in the solenoid body</font>

12/11/02 by bulletpruf: <font color="blue">Guage Install Complete, Finally !! Guage Readings ?? </font>
<font color="red">Has my observations on tranny temps</font>

01/04/03 by Rumpkin: <font color="blue">Protecting a New Tranny</font>
<font color="red">Has info on when stock tranny gauge moves and Mark's comments on seeing over 200 on a regular basis as a need to get more cooling and his feelings on aftermarket gauge, filter and synthetic oil</font>

01/13/03 by superdiesel73: <font color="blue">Tranny temp question??</font>

01/14/03 by clc900: <font color="blue">No tranny temp?</font>

10/27/03 by BigDaddy4x4: <font color="blue">Are my Tranny Temps too High?</font>

12/08/03 by just_stuff: <font color="blue">Tranny temps of 210 normal?</font>

12/29/03 by VISTABILL: <font color="blue"> Trans Temp Guage Sensor Locations</font>
<font color="red"> Discusses broken temp sender</font>

02/22/04 by Phil_Amstutz: <font color="blue"> tranny cooler questions </font>
<font color="red"> Good M-dot, Q-dot info from AutoJim </font>

03/08/04 by jesse2758: <font color="blue"> Transmission oil temp</font>

03-09-04 by MuddyCreek: <font color="blue">Max Safe Operating Oil temp </font>
<font color="red">Discussion of safe oil, tranny, water temps</font>

03/16/04 by ThunderFord66: <font color="blue"> When to pull over and cool off?? Trans temp?</font>

03/22/04 by cherrybombboat: <font color="blue"> Transmission Temp Gauge </font>
<font color="red">Has a post with the link to Dieselmann's info on the 2002 factory gauge</font>

03/24/04 by twoshoes: <font color="blue"> Opinions on transmission temperature</font>

04/11/04 by tginz: <font color="blue"> TRANNY Temps. - FYI</font>

07/21/04 by fordboyyfm: <font color="blue">What TransTemps should i be running.</font>

08/02/04 by PowerStrokinFord: <font color="blue">Tranny Temp??????? </font>

08/04/04 by Pyromed1: <font color="blue"> Tranny Temp Variance</font>

08/24/04 by SDHNTR: <font color="blue">Do I really need guages?</font>

06/05/05 by JerryKing: <font color="blue">X-Monitor temperature calibration </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on delta between PCM and a pressure port tranny temp gauge</font>

07/30/05 by wrongway: <font color="blue">Tranny Temps</font>

Transmission <font color="red"> Problems</font>
08/07/02 by jazzman: <font color="blue">automatic trans braking </font>
<font color="red">Describes symptoms of Coast Clutch and Mechanical Diode problems</font>

12/20/02 by 91FORDCC4X4: <font color="blue"> TRANSMISSION SHUDDER</font>
<font color="red"> Has comments by Mark K. on possible causes from torque converter</font>

03/04/03 by Mark Hodowanec: <font color="blue"> 'Mech. Diode' in Trans. </font>
<font color="red">Has build dates for trannies w/Mech. Diode</font>

03/02/04 by VC_Racing: <font color="blue"> trans trouble in the F-350</font>

03/03/04 by eodbear: <font color="blue"> Transmission overheating ???</font>

08/16/04 by tinstowrig: <font color="blue">tranny temps higher after fluid change</font>

08/18/04 by ffemtd519: <font color="blue">Transmission flushed????? Now not shifting well out of 1st gear</font>

09/11/04 by LIZMAN: <font color="blue">'01 Auto Tranny clunking and missing shifts </font>

11/15/04 by strokndslpwr: <font color="blue"> For the guys with the 2001 4R100 trans failures!! </font>

12/30/04 by CPSS: <font color="blue"> Dealer put Mercon V in tranny! </font>

<font color="red">04/17/05 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">POLL: 4R100 Tranny Fun Version 2005</font>
<font color="red">Poll on tranny failures</font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> aftermarket filtering</font>
9/21/02 by RICKY LAMB: <font color="blue">MAGNEFINE TRANS FILTER CHANGE</font>

10/09/02 by FleetMan: <font color="blue"> Magnetic Inline Transmission Filter Element Replacement?</font>

<font color="red">12/09/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">How does my tranny flow and can I hose it</font>

02/24/03 by DixieDiesel: <font color="blue"> Magnefine installation question </font>

03/10/03 by mailhauler: <font color="blue">Magnefine size? </font>

03/16/03 by FrequentFlyer: <font color="blue"> Magnefine Filter?</font>
<font color="red"> Discusses how often to change filters</font>

04/16/03 by lincster: <font color="blue"> First Tranny Fluid Change/Magnefine Install Question</font>
<font color="red"> Has my post with all links to changing, installing filter for both tranny and PS</font>

06/16/03 by firedad215: <font color="blue">tranny in line filter? </font>

06/17/03 by Karter99: <font color="blue"> Magnefine in-line filters</font>

06/18/03 by NRTS: <font color="blue"> Which Magnafine for 2002 Automatic?</font>
<font color="red"> Has Darrel's comments on the 5K before/after cooler issue</font>[/url]

09/29/03 by AMSOILER: <font color="blue">Where do I put the Inline Tranny Filter</font>

Transmission <font color="red">cooling, coolers & bypass</font>
06/25/02 by pdb7886: <font color="blue">Is My Tranny Too Hot???</font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on lack of the OTW trans cooler problems</font>

06/29/02 by bcrecelius: <font color="blue">lower radiator tank wtrans cooler pics also electric fan</font>
<font color="red">Description of how much the OTW helps temps</font>

02/08/03 by Bob Riley: <font color="blue">Trans cooler bypass? </font>
<font color="red">Describes function and part# etc. for this</font>

05/31/03 by horsepowerjunkie: <font color="blue">Try This One On For Size --> Pic of New Tru-Cool Max Transmission Cooler - Installed</font>

06/18/03 by AllStarPSD: <font color="blue"> Someone Please Explain</font>

07/03/03 by AllStarPSD: <font color="blue"> CONFUSED!!! Bob Riley -- help </font>
<font color="red">Discussion of type of trans coolers and placement</font>

07/03/03 by additive: <font color="blue"> Help needed on install of radiator/trans cooler TSB </font>

<font color="red">07/17/03 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue"> In Search of factory Tranny/PS coolers </font>
<font color="red"> Has pics/sizes of most popular tranny coolers</font>

08/19/03 by yardape1: <font color="blue"> Additional tranie coolers and damage from pressure drop?</font>

09/25/03 by PStroke72: <font color="blue"> Transmission pan upgrade</font>
<font color="red">Good discussion of fluid capacity and cooling</font>

06/06/04 by jminyard: <font color="blue">tranny bypass valve? </font>

06/27/04 by Jim at pocketmail: <font color="blue"> V 10 Tranny Coolers?</font>

09/03/04 by hoyt33: <font color="blue"> Is there such a thing as too large a tranny cooler?</font>

05/11/05 by powerstrokex: <font color="blue">cooler by-pass valve on tranny </font>

07/23/05 by neff2K: <font color="blue"> Picture of V10 Cooler vs. 6.0L Cooler</font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> TCC light and lockup mod </font>
7/05/01 by Robyn: <font color="blue">Torque Converter Clutch LED indicator light install</font>

3/01/02 by DUKES2FORDS: <font color="blue">Anyone have link or directions on how to build T/C Lock-up switch?</font>

11/28/02 by Duzitall: <font color="blue"> T/C lockup LED, fraidy cat </font>

12/16/02 by SuperDutySprech: <font color="blue">Torque Converter Lock Up Light</font>

12/18/02 by Xiscyber: <font color="blue">Torque Convertor Lock Up</font>

01/03/03 by AJ'sDad: <font color="blue">T/C lockup switch and downshifting question. </font>

Transmission - <font color="red"> Mods and aftermarket trannies</font>

12/19/02 by Nick Gerard: <font color="blue"> Who is getting a BTS over Christmas?</font>
<font color="red">Has places to stay around BTS</font>

12/11/03 by horseyford: <font color="blue"> I did it!!! Going to BTS...Yall tell me how smart I am , please.... </font>

02/26/04 by Moremph: <font color="blue"> 4r100 cheap prolong upgrades </font>

03/05/04 by dslpwr: <font color="blue"> Factory Tech Monster Box tranny</font>

05/26/04 by roymunsin: <font color="blue"> suncoast or bts</font>
<font color="red">Has BTS break-in procedures in Dockboy post</font>

06/12/04 by MB_DIESEL: <font color="blue">BTS vs. MONSTER BOX </font>

06/25/04 by youngblood<font color="blue">What exactly is a BTS getting me? </font>
<font color="red"> Has link to where I stayed and the magic PD</font>

07/19/04 by CharlieFoxtrot: <font color="blue"> Suncoast vs BTS???</font>

08/15/04 by Als69GT: <font color="blue"> Best aftermarket trans? </font>

08/16/04 by kc10fo: <font color="blue">BTS Tranny</font>
<font color="red">Has $$ for ATS, Suncoast, BTS</font>

10/01/04 by Big_John: <font color="blue"> Best Torque convertor??</font>

10/11/04 by boatycall: <font color="blue"> Decided against a BTS Tranny...putting on flame suit </font>

11/07/04 by freddyfast9: <font color="blue">ATS trans or BTS </font>
<font color="red"> Has $ for ATS</font>

02/07/05 by BIgPlug: <font color="blue"> Suncoast Tranny Failure Update </font>

03/31/05 by fyrmng: <font color="blue"> John Wood Trans </font>

04/09/05 by mefordman: <font color="blue">Trany going out overhaul or new if new what brand? </font>

05/10/05 by Muddinf2501999: <font color="blue">BTS or ATS 4R100?? </font>

06/12/05 by snakehorse1 :<font color="blue"> Making the drive to get a BTS Trans - Have a few questions! </font>

06/16/05 by 302boss: <font color="blue">Mag-hytec pans </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on over sized tranny pan useage</font>

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Re: New little secrets(U-Z) thru 07/30/05

Here are the U thru Z links and if you look under Vehicle General there is a neat link on wiring diagrams /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif


Van unique
<font color="red">4/16/02 by Larry M: </font><font color="blue">Power Seat in a Cargo Van </font>

<font color="red">5/07/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">In Tank Fuel Pickup </font>

6/25/02 by Thomas L: <font color="blue">Van Regulator Mods</font>

7/21/02 by Aceman: <font color="blue"> Installed Magnaflow 4" S.S. exhaust today. </font>

<font color="red">8/20/02 by Larry M</font>: <font color="blue">Actual Pre and Post EGT on Stock Van</font>

10/6/02 by sixiron: <font color="blue">oil leak found</font>
<font color="red">Has info on turbo clamps</font>

10/12/02 by Ron H.: <font color="blue"> Van fuel tank mod</font>

10/19/02 by Yardbrew: <font color="blue">Fuel Filter replacement -- The job from Hell</font>

<font color="red">11/12/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Gal to fill tank</font>

01/17/03 by msnunes: <font color="blue">Good news! I think I found THE GRILL. </font>

01/22/03 by msnunes: <font color="blue">Who's mounted a bypass filter on a van???</font>
<font color="red">Has links to my install</font>

03/13/03 by youngster: <font color="blue"> prepump and in tank mod lessons learned. </font>

<font color="red">03/17/03 by Larry M</font><font color="blue"> Serpentine Belt</font>

07/08/03 by Yardbrew: <font color="blue">Replacing broken wheel</font>

07/19/03 by Alaskapsdvan: <font color="blue"> Fuel Filter location</font>

07/19/03 by Aceman: <font color="blue"> Theft deterrant devices for van doors</font>

10/26/03 by DieselDeaf: <font color="blue"> PSD van hood different than a gasser?? </font>

06/25/04 by msnunes: <font color="blue"> So Larry... </font>
<font color="red"> Has a lot of info on my drone problem</font>

07/21/04 by buster26: <font color="blue"> Question on 3" & 4" Exhaust Sys. for Vans </font>
<font color="red"> Has a lot more info on mine and other drone problems</font>

<font color="red">08/19/04 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Turbo cool down times </font>
<font color="red">Comments on wrapped down pipe effects</font>

02/05/05 by metroplex: <font color="blue"> HELP - How do I change front shocks? </font>
<font color="red">Discusses changing the shocks on an E-Series</font>

<font color="red">05/25/05 by Larry M:</font><font color="blue">Another Vanner's Challenge</font>
<font color="red">Has the info on my fan clutch tools for the E-series</font>

06/18/05 by 318detroit: <font color="blue">HP & Torque differences in E series & F series </font>
<font color="red">Has post by me with pics of the two engines in an E-series</font>

07/03/05 by YARIC008: <font color="blue">They finally make clear Euro Headlights for us vanners! </font>

Vehicle General
4/07/02 by sithot: <font color="blue">Sound Insulation/Hood Insulation </font>

7/07/02 by jquanrud: <font color="blue">paint chip repair</font>

8/09/02 by rvm264: <font color="blue">oil undercoating </font>

8/20/02 by DaveBey: <font color="blue">1999-2002 Technical Service Bulletins Now Available On-Line</font>

8/26/02 by scottmatre: <font color="blue">EGT's and turbo life</font>

8/27/02 by willtill: <font color="blue">OK, off of the shock debate and on on to something else....</font>

9/25/02 by DaveBey: <font color="blue">OASIS Broadcast Messages now available at</font>

11/04/02 by HorsePowerJunkie: <font color="blue"> FACTORY WIRING DIAGRAM, Help Needed Please. Anyone Have a Factory Wiring Schematic? </font>
<font color="red"> Has links to online wiring diagrams</font>

11/11/02 by ccunning: <font color="blue"> Dealer says there is no problem?</font>

11/16/02 by TheDuke: <font color="blue">Truck goes into Ford Tues( need advise)</font>

12/02/02 by F350FINALLY: <font color="blue"> Can you get ford style wiring connectors anywhere??</font>

<font color="red">12/03/02 by Larry M: </font><font color="blue"> Cold Weather Anomalies </font>

12/05/02 by HDone: <font color="blue">called dealer to ask about warranty voids</font>

12/17/02 by Porch40: <font color="blue">What type of grease to use ? </font>

12/17/02 by JazzBass: <font color="blue">Power Service Additives and Alcohol - From the Source </font>

01/03/03 by bulrid8: <font color="blue">Big THANKYOU to RWOODY</font>

01/05/03 by kurt: <font color="blue">high wear values with amsoil!</font>

01/13/03 by VISTABILL: <font color="blue">What am I doing to my engine? </font>

01/18/03 by purvi: <font color="blue">Update: Superchip Microtuner</font>
<font color="red">Discusses CC jerking with SCMT</font>

01/28/03 by DUKES2FORDS:<font color="blue">Does a Powerstroke born on 9/00 have PMR's???</font>

03/27/03 by bbronco: <font color="blue"> Is there any cheap or free mods i can do? </font>

06/23/03 by spikey: <font color="blue">need help with air bag warning light coming on </font>
<font color="red"> Has air bag codes</font>

06/26/03 by DezRacer: <font color="blue"> 01 PSD not being driven much, any harm in this?</font>

07/25/03 by JDookie: <font color="blue"> Airbag light flashing? </font>
<font color="red"> Has link to airbag codes</font>

08/14/03 by ACD: <font color="blue"> Heater shutoff mod </font>

09/11/03 by Show_Me_PSD: <font color="blue"> What method do you use calculate fuel mileage?</font>
<font color="red">Has my tank fill deltas and mpgs as of 9/03</font>

11/09/03 by dmd: <font color="blue"> Wiper blades - larger?</font>

01/25/04 byOutlaw351: <font color="blue">No start-clicking in dash board </font>

01/27/04 by Benny770: <font color="blue">please post correct start up procedure... </font>

02/02/04 by Stoker81: <font color="blue">Switches? </font>
<font color="red">Good link to some custom switches</font>

02/20/04 by Bigdan: <font color="blue"> Wiring Harness at Valve cover burns up! </font>

<font color="red"> 10/06/04 by LarryM: </font><font color="blue"> Tis the Season ... Block Heater, GPs, Ice and Critters </font>

11/24/04 by icanski2: <font color="blue"> Quick Help Needed, Instagrip hose fitting removal???? </font>

12/03/04 by BoneYard: <font color="blue"> engine revs to 1100 rpm after cold start </font>
<font color="red">Discusses the CAP and what it is based on</font>

02/05/05 by goalie: <font color="blue"> oil level question </font>
<font color="red">Discusses how full to keep oil in engine and loss of 1qt when filled all the way up</font>

02/08/05 by compleckz: <font color="blue"> thinking about buying a diesel, have lots of questions</font>

03/08/05 by JimTJr: <font color="blue"> Anyone use POR 15 for their oil pan yet?</font>

03/09/05 by KarTek: <font color="blue"> Looking for a source for OEM electrical connectors...</font>

06/05/05 by Down South: <font color="blue">Torque Values </font>

Vehicle weight - GVWR/GCWR
2/13/02 by The Archer: <font color="blue">Registered GVWR vs Factory GVWR</font>

<font color="red">3/23/02 by Larry M:</font> <font color="blue">Front GAWR - One UP??? </font>

4/01/02 by fishmaster: <font color="blue"> Wheel Compatibilty?</font>

10/22/02 by David C: <font color="blue"> Torque targets when using an anti-seize product</font>

Warranties, programs, etc.
2/21/02 by cmuncy: <font color="blue">Road side assistance other than AAA</font>

7/17/02 by Bam-Bam: <font color="blue">You think we got problems look at this </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on what is covered under the EPA warranty requirements</font>[/url]

10/30/02 by mmered8299: <font color="blue"> Ford Voids My Warranty!!!!!! </font>

12/20/02 by wildone: <font color="blue"> Warranties</font>
<font color="red">Has a post of mine with a bunch of ESP links</font>

07/09/03 by Wally: <font color="blue"> Warranty voided because of lift</font>

02/16/04 by Markstanco: <font color="blue"> Magnuson Moss Act with a chip or programmer</font>
<font color="red"> Great MMA discussion</font>

Wheels and Tires
11/29/01 by Mike Botkin: <font color="blue"> Aftermarket Wheels </font>

2/13/02 by sfooteford: <font color="blue">Hub centric Vs. Lug Centric?? </font>

2/27/02 by van_350sd: <font color="blue">what is the size and bolt pattern on a Y2K van ? </font>

8/15/02 by 1Coyote: <font color="blue">Hub Centric Wheels - Anyone other than Weld? </font>

8/19/02 by DavidMurphy: <font color="blue"> Wheel Lug Torque </font>

9/26/02 by CircleA: <font color="blue">Hauling with aluminum / alloy rims ...</font>

10/13/02 by mrblack: <font color="blue"> ultra wheels... </font>

10/13/02 by Patterson: <font color="blue"> Wheels: Metric or Standard </font>

11/24/02 by shelbyandadiesel: <font color="blue">Removing wheels</font>

12/16/02 by G.C.Baker: <font color="blue"> Wheel Studs</font>

03/26/03 by ziggster40: <font color="blue"> Driveline Vibration</font>
<font color="red">Excellent discussion of wheels, hub pilots, centering, etc. by Popeye</font>

04/10/03 by DB: <font color="blue"> Torque Values on Wheels. 165 ft lbs???? </font>
<font color="red"> Has link to monster thread and one where under torque sheared stiuds</font>

06/24/03 by aden_mcdonnell: <font color="blue"> repeated broken wheel studs on excursion rear end</font>

07/13/03 by hank53: <font color="blue">Wringing off wheel lugs @ 160 ft lbs </font>

09/16/03 by nc_stroker: <font color="blue"> Wheels? Hub centric vs. Lug centric. Help please! </font>

09/18/03 by Tankhead: <font color="blue"> ?'s about offset and backspacing for different size wheels </font>

01/10/04 by 1BadF350Chris: <font color="blue">Tire balancing question.</font>
<font color="red">Has Jack's comments about the special wheel adapter</font>

03/03/04 by lilwill12: <font color="blue">I made a lug nut bet and lost</font>
<font color="red">Has info on lug nut thread change in 03 SDs</font>

03/12/04 by NEAL_P: <font color="blue">Tire Pressure Question</font>
<font color="red">Has Smokey's link for tire pressures</font>

04/07/04 by jd2502000:<font color="blue"> almost wrecked</font>
<font color="red">Discussion of loosing spare tire while towing</font>

07/02/04 by haul_n_horses2: <font color="blue">?? Where is my spare? </font>
<font color="red"> Good post on loosing the spare tire</font>

09/01/04 by Hornet: <font color="blue"> Spare tire fell off</font>

02/05/05 by heaavyduty: <font color="blue"> 265-75-16 qiestest best all around load range E tire</font>
<font color="red">Good tire type discussion</font>

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Re: New little secrets(Misc.) thru 07/30/05

Finally here are some MISC. links that did really fit or deserve a separate subsection:


5/05/02 by chuk: <font color="blue">Another Quiet PSD!!! </font>

7/04/02 by John Conway: <font color="blue">Turbo Diesel Badge/Where to get one?</font>

7/14/02 by 05131955: <font color="blue">Want a quieter powertroke</font>

10/11/02 by islandbluester :<font color="blue"> lights under the truck </font>

10/22/02 by critterstroke: <font color="blue"> one more time for courtesy lights</font>

10/25/02 by PS4me: <font color="blue"> IMHO</font>

11/27/02 by clydesdale: <font color="blue"> need help, mileage drop over the last 3 tanks</font>

12/27/02 by BILLS1: <font color="blue">Adding rear back-up spot lights- Do I need a relay and why?</font>

12/30/02 by Jace: <font color="blue">$0.99 30Amp Bosch type relays! </font>

01/13/03 by Glow_Plug: <font color="blue">Let's chat washer fluids...</font>

01/20/03 by NP: <font color="blue">Running board LED light project complete</font>

07/06/03 by Snug: <font color="blue"> Anyone know of any good RV message boards??</font>

07/10/03 by dieseldrive: <font color="blue"> are inverter generators worth it? </font>
<font color="red">Good discussion on the Honda EU series generator</font>

07/13/03 by YODA: <font color="blue"> New fangled QUIET Generators </font>

01/25/04 by Johnp034: <font color="blue">Over the Radiator Creeper?</font>

01/23/04 by disk_drive_eng: <font color="blue">Recommended Emergency Repair Kit & Tools</font>
<font color="red">Has my post with a bunch of "what to carry" links in it</font>

12/15/03 by JLester: <font color="blue">New Forum Moderator - Super_Duty_John </font>

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Re: New little secrets (Old Cackle/Idle Knock links)

Since I can't fix my now archived "Cackle and Idle Knock Links" thread, I'll put it here and have updated the links so they now work with the new archived threads.

During my background research for <font color="red"> THIS </font>, I went back in the archives in the engine and drivetrain for information and after reviewing the titles of the close to 9000 threads I made up a reference list for my use of those that I found interesting and thought for those interested I would list them with titles and links. I tried to stay away from some of the "hot button" threads which you can find around the end of 2000 and early 2001, but did have to include a couple where I saw what I felt was some technically interesting information. Also, I only included the two basic threads from the current engine and drivetrain forum since things can change. I'm sure I missed some and maybe a lot, but I found a lot of this interesting reading from a background prospective. So if your interested get a pot of coffee (a cup won't be enough) and browse by simply clicking on what you find interesting /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

1/4/00 by Rick Woodrow: <font color="blue"> NEWS FLASH ! from eectech on the fuel "cackle" on the 2000</font>

1/12/00 by Mikecar: <font color="blue">Cackle Fix Theory </font>

1/12/00 by lux: <font color="blue"> cackle terminology: #8 too lean: no ! </font>

1/20/00 by bully: <font color="blue"> cackle fix attempt </font>

1/28/00 by Harry Wiley: <font color="blue"> Does Cackle = Water Hammer? </font>

3/7/00 by Gymbo: <font color="blue"> What's the latest on the supposedly forthcoming fuel cackle fix? </font>

5/13/00 by lux: <font color="blue">Technical solution for knock and cackle </font>

5/13/00 by Hunt: <font color="blue">Tinkering with Second Fuel Line to Rear of Head </font>

5/13/00 by fyoung: <font color="blue">A different solution to the cackle/knock </font>

5/28/00 by idssteve: <font color="blue"> Cackle Whoopped!!!!!!!!!…….??? </font>

6/2/00 by lux: <font color="blue"> Fuel rail pressure damping on other engines. </font>

6/30/00 by <font color="blue"> IDLE KNOCK and What's Happening </font>

7/25/00 by lux: <font color="blue"> Cackle fix experimentation: plumbing woes ! HELP ! </font>

7/27/00 by Harry Wiley: <font color="blue"> Cackle, Idle Knock and Engine Design Tradeoffs </font>

8/5/00 by Gregg Cuoco: <font color="blue"> Hey guys, I plumbed the back of the left head and guess what..... </font>

8/10/00 by John Alan: <font color="blue">THE cause of cackle/knock in the PSD? - read - </font>

8/21/00 by Harry Wiley <font color="blue"> The Cackle/Knock Fix is Coming! Here's When </font>

8/29/00 by Beagle 1: <font color="blue">Re: Cackle is Starting to Rear It's Ugly Head </font>

10/03/00 by JLester: <font color="blue"> Knock/Cackle Discussion </font>

10/24/00 by John Alan: <font color="blue"> Cackle/Knock Discussion #2 </font>

10/27/00 by Kickin YY2K: <font color="blue"> Status on Cackle be gone kit? </font>

10/30/00 by RenoF250: <font color="blue"> No cackle kit cackle/knock discussion </font>

11/01/00 by <font color="blue"> MAJOR SUCCESS on Knock and Cackle </font>

12/27/00 by Paul Stertz: <font color="blue"> Found Some Info Concerning The Cackle Problem </font>

1/30/01 by Ken F: <font color="blue"> Would this fix the knock and cackle problem? </font>

3/27/01 by Coach Davis: <font color="blue">Moving the fuel delivery line on the drivers head </font>

4/19/01 by <font color="blue"> Cackle Kit, Idle Knock etc. </font>

5/7/01 by nsp447: <font color="blue"> what about this cackle thing? </font>

5/16/01 by Bam-Bam: <font color="blue"> More news from Navstar on the Knock-Cackle </font>

6/13/01 by gregg cuoco: <font color="blue"> Just installed Kim Lux's cackle kit!! </font>

9/24/01 by scott pierce: <font color="blue"> Help! Cackle Fix? </font>

10/12/01 by John Alan: <font color="blue"> Do I have Cackle/Knock?... A test to try.... </font>

10/23/01 by JP_Patten: <font color="blue"> Racor Fix for Cackle? </font>

12/19/01 by diesel dave 99: <font color="blue"> MPG AND CACKLE </font>

3/16/02 by JLester: <font color="blue"> New Cackle Thread Here </font>


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Re: New little secrets(FAQs)

These are some links from the "faqs" section of the TDS. Credit should be given to Dave Bey who compiled this information with the input of other members.
Engine sensors and what they do
Member, Club, Group Websites
Owner Manuals, Warranty Guides, Maintenance Guides, Diesel Supplements
PCM Codes 1994-2002
PCM Diagnostic (OBD II) Codes
Tips, Tricks and aftermarket parts install guides
TSB’s,Recalls, Oasis Messages

I am also supplying a link to the Ford Body Builders Layout Book. This is a partial list of the info. available from this site:
RV and Trailer Towing Guide
APCM/AIC Instruction Manual
VIN number decoding
Dimensional Data
Axle/Tire/Vehicle Height Data
Ground Clearance Data
Frame data
Snowplow Installation
PTO Data
Electrical Wiring
Customer Acess Circuits
Trailer Tow Electrical
Adding Lights and Electrical Devices
Design Recommendations
Speedometer Calibration for aftermarket tires

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Re: New little secrets (FAQs)


Looks good and it will help me in the future and this post will allow for expanding your info as needed in the future. After your 48 hr edit limit, please PM me on changes you would like and we'll go from there.


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Re: New little secrets (Old Cackle/Idle Knock links)

Larry I just replied to this in another part of the forum this could be due to your Harmonic balancer as Ford had a better idea screwing with a new clutch mechanism. This in turn makes your truck do rough iddles and things and it is all due to a Ford Recall that has since passed us by. These include 97 to 2000 7.3 and the newer 6.0 liter models of the powerstroke diesels. So its worth a check as we were lucky enough to find the recall and get it done under the recall warranty. Hope this helps.

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Re: New little secrets (Old Cackle/Idle Knock links)

this is great!

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They are 4 1/2 years old! Nothing lasts that long on the internet.

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They are 4 1/2 years old! Nothing lasts that long on the internet.
I agree and when I lost the ability to keep them current when I resigned as moderator and the powers to be would not allow me to keep them current I recommended they be removed since they would quickly loose their value, but now almost 5 years later they are still here and IMHO really useless for the most part.


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too bad, is there anything that can be done to update your list Larry? It seemed very valuable to the enthusiasts here
I've been trying to update as many of the links as I can, but it's a big job. Lots of them are to the archives which have moved around a bit, but the ones to posts on the active server are still alive, but difficult to reconnect the links.

It's a work in progress. (I'm only partway thru the "C" section)


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I've been trying to update as many of the links as I can, but it's a big job. Lots of them are to the archives which have moved around a bit, but the ones to posts on the active server are still alive, but difficult to reconnect the links.

It's a work in progress. (I'm only partway thru the "C" section)


Wish it was still active!
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