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Hey guys,

New to the site, my main hobby is drag racing turbo mustangs and cobra's--but you always gotta have something to tow it to the track. I'm currently stationed in Korea with the Airforce for another 8 months, but just bought my second PSD. My first was a 7.3 and loved it, decided to go with a 6.0 this time. Recieved a pretty good deal; pictures below:

-2006 CC 6.0 Diesel (87k Miles)
-8" lift
-20" wheels 40" MT tires
-Magnaflow Exhaust
-SCT handheld tuner

There's more, but you can pretty much see it in Pics.

Thanks for looking, and I plan to shop around on the site finding the typical mods the 6.0 needs!
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