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Hello Everybody,

My name is Andrew Murphy. I'm a new member here on the forum. I work in the Mojave Desert at an aerospace company as a Project Engineer. I recently purchased my first diesel-powered automobile. It's a 1999 Ford E350 with the 7.3L engine. In additon to the van, I look after the rest of the family's cars: a '95 Grand Am 3.1L, a '71 Super Beetle, a '80 Datsun 310GX, and an '85 Corolla.

More on the van: The van is standard length (non-XL) and currently seats 8. It was a great find since there aren't very many Ford passenger vans older than 2003 with the diesel engine option available around here. It has some rust issues since it came from central Ohio but with only 75,000 miles on it, most of the systems are still strong.

I really appreciate all the folks on this forum who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences to help rookies like me learn the ropes of these engines. I've already learned very much from reading the posts here (recently completed the great fuel bowl rebuild). I look forward to working with everyone here and hopefully sharing some of my own experiences along the way.

Thank you all for your time and letting me share my intro! :smile2:


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