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Howdy from SE Michigan. Been reading some great info here on the site, doing lots of research. I had recently set out to buy a used F250/350 for hauling the tractor around and such.

After reading all the issues about all the stuff that needed to be done to Ford diesels, I decided I wanted the v10 (mpgs b damned! Lol) So after months of searching, I finally found my truck. Just bought a 2008 F250 CC XLT 4x4 v10 w/150k miles, very good condition, and from a region that doesn't use much salt (minimal if any rust).

Downside is that it's about 1300 miles away, so I'm waiting for it to be shipped. Should be here in a week or so. Of course I'll post pics once it gets here.

But to start, what are the first "must have" mods for these? I noticed it has the standard (non tow) mirrors, so I'm going to be looking for some used tow mirrors somewhere. Are the mirrors from the previous generation universal fit with the 08? There seems to be more of those available. I also might try to find a tan set of front power seats, as mine are going to be manual only. This truck has the middle jumper seat, and I'd much rather have the floor console. Problem is, I can't seem to find one anywhere. Thoughts? The only one I saw on eBay is for the previous generation, or the Harley edition, for over $500.!

Thanks in advance.

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