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A new offering from Bullet Proof Diesel, for budget minded FICM power supply needs!

TechSmart manufactures brand new OEM-like power supply circuit boards in 4 pin applications ONLY, for your 6.0 FICM. TechSmart also uses all brand new components for their power supply circuit boards.

Key benefits:
-Reuse your old FICM half shell, screws and gasket!
-NO core required!
-NO need to send your power supply in for testing and repair!
-Designed and built in the USA!
-Complete instructions included!

Bullet Proof Diesel offers these TechSmart power supply boards in two ways:

1) $169.95 for the supply board with new thermal pads and complete installation instructions for your OEM half shell.

2) $229.95 for the power supply board installed in an OEM half shell.*
*Return your old half shell for a Bullet Proof Diesel shirt or hat!

NOTE: This image shows the Bullet Proof Diesel FICM power supply. This picture is for reference ONLY to demonstrate the 4-pin compatibility.
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