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New Stage 1s and HPOP but truck feels weak

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Hey guys I need some help! In the past month I have replaced my stock injectors with a set of stage 1 injectors and I've put in a new HPOP. When I first replaced the injectors the truck ran smooth but it was extremely weak, after running a test on the HPOP we decided that the HPOP was weak so we replaced it. Now the truck is running stronger but it is still not up to the performance level it was running at with just the DP tuner and the stock injectors and old pump. I have been in contact with Jody and we are trying to get to the bottom of it but I figured it couldn't hurt to see if anyone else out there had experienced this.

It seems that the ICP pressure is still on the low side especially in the lower end of the RPM range. I have a video of a data log if anyone would like for me to email it to them to look over. Can't figure out how to upload it to the post.
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maybe your tuner needs recalibrated to match the new injectors.
Boy, I bet Jody wishes he had thought of that. :worried:
I just had a thought (shocking, I know) - I bet your fuel pressure is low. It isn't a measured parameter, so the PCM wouldn't catch it. The Stage 1's are more dependent upon adequate fuel pressure. There are several places where the problem could be, from tank obstructions, pump problems, filter issues, and the most likely - fuel pressure regulator. You might pull your FPR off (on the side of the fuel filter assembly) and make sure it isn't gunked up. If you can, put a fuel pressure gauge on it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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