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New Starter Choices...Please comment.

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I need a new starter for my 96 7.3. I'm posting here because of the bigger # of people up here. I had planned to get one from DB before it failed. Well I may have missed that chance and I'm not giving up my weekend. I wante dto go DB because they are new and an upgrade. I have now found a local rebuilder / warehouse that matched DB with the same units. DB has 3 on their site, my source has 2 of them in stock at prices that match DB including freight.
My first choice is the 4kw Nippondenso (I have heard it described as one big bad starter) at $169.95
They also have the 3.6kw Mitsubishi PLGR at $119 This is a 3 bolt maybe the same as my stock one?
My local source doesn't have the OSGR 3.6 KW 2bolt 2001-2003 unit.
My local guy (who I use for lots of fleet big rig stuff) says the 4kw unit is just more robust and will survive abuse such as extended cranking better than the other.

Any one have any bad experience with the big 4kw Nippondenso?

Cost isn't really the issue, the old one has 200,000 miles on it, so the new one should last 10 more years
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I went with the 4kw Nippon Denso starter from DB Electrical here. Brian Thompson was impressed with how fast it turned over the engine after putting in new injectors and HPOP. Said it would have taken twice as long cranking to get the engine to fire with an OEM starter. Lots of folks on these forums have this one and are happy with it. For $149.00 it is a steal.
Call them and talk to them directly.
Was this starter from DB Electrical?
I just found the spec sheet for the starter I put in my truck in a couple of months ago. The starter, ordered in February from dbelectrical, looks suspiciously similar to that offered by Oklahoma Starter, yet the spec sheet says it is 3Kw! I do not care. It fit with enough clearance and turns the truck over amazingly fast.
Mine spins over faster. Brian Thompson said I would have had to crank at least twice as long before the engine fired with the OEM starter after we had opened up the HPOP to install dual pumps and new injectors.
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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