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My dealer told me yesterday that we're going to see some new models coming soon. He couldn't go into details about them, but he did say something about the "Outlaw" having a different hood than the others.

King Ranch


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Those are 2007 models, being produced today.

The Lariat Highline pkg is only for SuperCab models. Basically it's the chrome pkg and black leather interior with otherwise normal Lariat trim, and limited to three paint colors = red, black, and white.

The Lariat Outlaw pkg is only for CrewCab models. Basically it's a monotone black truck with black leather interior with red interior accents. You got it - you can have any color you want as long as it's black.

Details are in the 2007 order guides, available right now from

No mention of any change to the hood, though.

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Ad in the St Pete Times today for Ford 2007 Harley Davidson model Diesels.....also noticed a sticker on the Sunoco station in New Port Richey FL yesterday (when I filled up my transfer tank for hurricane season....$290) saying the diesel fuel was Low Suphur 500 PPM and NOT suitable for use in 2007 model diesel vehicles.

Wonder where the dude who buys the '07 diesel will get fuel?

Florida Ed
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