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Hi Everyone, new member here. I have a 2016 F450 and noticed over the weekend that the driver's side front tire has split under the tread. It's about 3 inches long and looks pretty deep. The tires are the Continental HSR's with about 50k miles. So, I'm looking to replace the two front tires only since there is still good tread on the rears. I use the truck primarily to tow my fifth-wheel.

I would like to get an all season type tire such as the Toyo M920 since I'm planning on moving back to the Northwest soon (I'm currently in the Austin area). So, the tire needs to be very good in the rain and snow/ice. I like the M920 and I see others running it, but it is classified as a drive tire and I'm replacing the front tires. Has anyone had issues running these or other drive tires on the front?

Also, I'm open to other tire options as well. I have attached a picture of the split in the tire.



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