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Hello diesel folks,

I am new to diesel. I had a 1993 f150 that I babied, but it was hit and totaled by another driver (16yr old kid). I am a winter sports photographer and will be commuting from the city to the mountains this winter with a snowmobile in the bed.

My budget is around 5 grand. I've been looking at a 1997 f250 7.3 powerstroke diesel with 272,000 miles. 30,000 on the new tranny. Had a shop look at it and said the engine is running great, just needs bushings really badly and the sector shaft needs help.

It has 6 in lift 35 in tires, 12,000lb winch, runell bumpers, and a nice looking truck with three previous owners. The seller is asking $5,000. Do you think this could be a good purchase? What should I look out for? I am hesitant about such high miles but I've been hearing that 7.3 run forever if well-maintained.

Thanks for all the insight! -Meg
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