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Bought the truck last month and knew it needed alignment from day one. Was excited so bought it from dealership first day it was available. Figured I’d get an alignment. Buy a new tire and go down the road. Took it into local 4x4 shop and asked them to check it over(ball joints etc)and perform alignment. When I picked it up, all they found was trackball end link/heim was a little wore out. Advised to order that part but driving for time being ok. Found a deal on some Af’s that I couldn’t pass up. Mounted they new wheels and tires. Of course the new front drivers tire is cupping every other lug. Before I start throwing money at it replacing parts. Where would you advise I start? Truck tracks straight but feels a tad touchy on center Trackbar? Shocks? Steering stab? Or ball joints? Sorry so winded. Tia View attachment 187033
that’s called cupping and happens with big meaty tires. It’s usually caused by bad shocks. I usually just rotate and when it’s on the rear it will wear evenly
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