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Hey folks, I know, I know this question is as tiresome as “what size tires can i fit”
but ive tried just about everything possible on this, including flipping through the posts on here and other forums and following every link with no luck.

i just bought my first medium duty commercial truck for my spray foam setup.
Its a 94 f750 with a 12 valve cummins and spicer 7 speed transmission. with under 100000 miles.

i love it, it gets amazing mileage for a big truck, but
Im not familiar at all with the drivetrain or heavy duty anything. but everything looks so easy to get at that i want to wrench on this thing.
Before i have any issues i want to have full service manuals for both the f-650 truck and the 12 valve cummins on hand.

again, ive tried all the links tagged for service manual websites. none seem to carry this model.
The local dealership basically brushed me off,
does anyone have any leads? or could run me off a copy for some cash?
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