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Joined up here because you still have the old 6.9's I have been around Gm's and Dodges mostly but needed a box van so got an 84 E350 with the 6.9.
Only has 124K on the clock maintenance has been kept up, the only worrisome area was the old boy was a believer in either, but did at least know how to use it said he just gave a squirt to help it start, does have the "got to crank a bit before starting" after setting all night thing going no leaks and no stutter once started so think it will get an electric transfer pump here shortly just to see what happens.
Need to check lines anyway.
Hmm introduction of self ,old fart been around trucks most of my working life construction mostly, like the older stuff can deal with the newer just rather not.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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