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Hi! My name is Morgan. I'm new to the site and im new to diesels, but to ford, i've been a ford lover my whole life.

Right now, i'm looking into getting my first diesel truck. a 2003 f350 XLT Extended cab long bed. It's got 8" lift and on some 38.5" tires.

At the moment, i own a 2000 f150 5.4L 2wd, which i've had since the day i turned 16, and i also have a 99 olds alero (which i hate), and an 88 ford bronco with the 351w in it.

I love off-roading, and horseback riding. If i get the new 350, id be using it for towing my bronco, and my horse trailer.

im also a member of WeGotMud - Home that's where i heard about this site.
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