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Newbie 5th Wheel Questions

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Thanks for reading the thread.

I have an 09 F350 CC LB 6.4 4x4 SRW. I plan on towing a 5th wheel with a hitch weight of 2900 and a GVWR of 14k. I purchased a Reese hitch with 20k capacity and a 4.5k pin weight. My questions are have I done any thing wrong so far? Do I need a special tailgate for a 5th wheel? what about the in bed plug in cord that I have seen (like and extension cord)? I did order the specific brackets for my truck and not the universal. I have a factory bed liner, is it best to cut it or just do a spray in bed liner? Is the factory brake controller up to the task? I have towed travel trailers but never a 5th wheel.

I am also running aftermarket rims and tires with a leveling kit. The tires are 10 ply and on 20 " rims.

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5th Wheel Towing

I have a 36 foot 2007 Cameo:thup: that I put behind my 2003 :ford:F-350 7.3 SRW. It is approximately 13k pounds not including the cargo. I used a 16k pound Reese 5th wheel hitch with a plug inside the bed (highly recommended). We pulled that camper through the mountains of southern Virginia on one lane gravel rounds and steep hills both up and down for hours. The transmission cooler kicked in and the truck did what it was suppose to do. It wouldn't win a race up the hills on the back roads but did great on the interstate. No concerns there at all. Held the lane well.

The brake controller? Well lets say you will not stop on a dime. Experiment with it alot. Figure the adjustment for highway speeds compared to slower speeds. You don't want it to jerk you around because the trailer is squatting at low speeds and you don't want the setting too light at highway speeds. I forgot to adjust mine and while holding the braking level entered through a red light. Thankfully no one was in the way and everyone watched as I went through the intersection flashing my lights and hitting the horn. Want to upset your wife really fast.. try that once or twice! Not recommended. Get used to the weight and drive like the old guys in the right lane. It is much safer. Leave enough breaking distance depending on your speed. Watch out for the cars that we hear truckers complain about all the time. They will pull in front of you at the last minute at a light so they can turn at the last minute or jump in front of you taking away your reactionary gap fast!

Bed liner? I used a Ford bed rubber mat and cut out slots for the 5th wheel brackets. I may do the same in the new truck. It keeps everything from sliding around and is least expensive option.

Recently I traded up for the 2011 :ford:F-350 King Ranch DRW CC. White tri-coat on top with the bronze underneath. What a gorgeous truck! Smooth and quiet! Of course the technology inside is also unreal. But for the cost of over 60k it should be. They definitely thought about the owners on this one. I got the 25k Reese from Ford that drops right into the bed. Can't wait to haul the 5th wheel to Florida next week.
You should have no concerns as long as you drive safe and pay attention to the condition of your vehicle, keep up with the maintenance, and keep good rubber on the road. Good luck and drive safe! Keep us in touch with your travels.:thumbsup:
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