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Newbie from SD

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On the recommendation of a friend who came to this forum previously (not sure if still here) I joined to find assistance w/ my truck. It is a 94 Chevy K2500 6.5 TD (I read the archives and can hear the groans already). Until recently it has done what expected to do - haul big horse trailers with lots of horses w/ no problems. But it's having problems now and I need to find a good reliable place to order parts for reasonable prices which is non existant around here. I live near a small tourist town. I had the "diesel mechanic" do a diagnostic on it last fall. So far he has been less than impressive. The new starter put in a month before I took it to him for a dx, mysteriously died and had to be replaced. Since it was under warranty I obtained another new one and he said he would NOT charge me to put it in but when I picked up the truck and paid the bill he had charged $125 and when I asked about it he said he had not said he wouldn't charge me. Now that new starter he put just recently fell out! The truck has not been used for much since he had it in Oct 08 as I went down again from previous injuries so the truck was used lightly or sat. A friend who does a lot of mechanical work for me had the truck to move horses. Pulled into gas station, went to leave & truck wouldn't start. Got under it to check it out to find the bolt lying on the ground. When that one came out, the starter fell out, bending the other bolt. And the wire to the starter was NOT ON very well. Consequently it just added to my NOT being impressed by the "diesel mechanic" and I've heard since then that they closed that part of the shop down.

ANYHOW the truck is now having problem w/ the power steering pump and my friend says the turbo is going out. So we are trying to find these items at a reasonable prices. Would also like to replace the glow plug control and block heater.

Would appreciate any points towards a good supply of parts reasonably close or good on shipping costs? I went onto one site for parts, put in what I wanted, and the next day received a call from a man regarding my "91 truck" and "automatic transmission" . So evidently someone out there w/ a 91 truck is lookingn for an automatic transmission but it isn't me!
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Request help w/ truck please

Am back asking for help again. When I posted previously at least the truck was starting. It was hard to start, but it did. Well last Tues we got hot w/ another storm, sub zero temps, the truck wouldn't start, and hasn't started since. We tried jumping it on Wed so I could go to a job fair, no go. All it did was run batteries (new) down. So put on a charger and have kept trying. It is a week now and it won't start. It tries but isn't getting enough umpf to do so. I'm wondering bout the turbo charger? My friend thought the TC was going out, what would it do (or not do) if it had gone out? What would happen if the injector pump went out? Can someone give us some ideas to look into w/ it? I refuse to take it back to the "diesel mechanic" here due to the damage he did last time when I had it in for diagnostics ... my starter (only a month old) went out, got it replaced since on warranty, he put it in and not long ago one bolt fell out, the starter fell out, bending the other bolt. Wires were not tightened down, etc. Anyhows any assistance would be more than welcome! It's hard to get to job interviews when you have no vehicle and I can't fix the truck w/o a job.
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Thank you. I did a google search on that and am finding for hummer, dodge, honda ... and computers (haven't figured that one out yet), but the only thing relating to my chev is the diesel book.
Found it! Thank you so much!
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