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Hello all!
I am very much a newbie and would like to take on the world of using waste vegetable oil as fuel, I am an engineering student, but I very much lack knowledge and experience on wvo. However, I would like to give this a go( a very much cheap go) and I have a project in mind that I want to do together with a friend.

The project is basically as follows:
1. Buy the cheapest drivable diesel car, that is road legal. Currently looking at an Audi A4 with some turbo problems that I am able to find with no problems.
2. Set up a spare tank in the rear of the car, connect it to the fuel line with a three way valve so I can switch between diesel and wvo.
3. Go to restaurants and collect wvo, filter it through a strainer, sockfilter(down to 10 microns)
4. Drive with a smile and a pleasant smell that makes me and everyone around me want deep fried food.

1. This is a common the rail engine, TDI, would it be able to handle pure wvo? This car is from 1995 so I am hoping that this being an older TDI it might be a bit more robust, rough?

2. Can I also dump in other oils like old motor oil and so on? After filtering.

Keep in mind that I am not looking for a daily driver, this is just a project, if the oil is too dirty and clogs up my fuel filter I might just remove the filter and I am not too concerned about this, yes I am stupid, no need to comment.
Also being in Norway means that I would have to install a way of heating the oils tank, but that is a winter project.

Thank you for any replies
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