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Newbie with a question about tuners

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Hello all I am leo and new to the site. Lots of great info around here. My question is about warranty. I have a new (06) F250 and after reading in the owners manual about black boxes recording any mods that are done. Is this true. I cannot take the chance of voiding this warranty. I have heard lots of good things about tuners and some bad. I am leaning heavily toward the SCT. I have a good freind that has alot of custom tunes that work well. I don't really want to do anything more than a tuner. Anyone with any thoughts on this? Can I get away with a tuner without voiding the warranty. Thanks in advance.
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If you can't take a chance, I wouldn't recommend it. There are other ways to detect if one has been using a tuner, but no black boxes. Just a scare tatic. Usally, the way it goes is if the aftermarket part caused the failure, then your warranty won't cover it. But they don't void your warranty simply because you have one, Although some say their dealers harrass them about it. There are ways to ensure that they won't detect it computer wise, which is to disconnect the batteries and then touch the positive and negative to discharge the capacatitors, but if you have a melted piston, they are probably going to deny your claim. As the saying goes on this site "If you want to play, be prepared to pay". (that damn statement always gets on my nerves /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/vomit.gif) Anyway, my .02
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