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New IDI owner here, while trying to get up to speed, came accross this nice link regarding the IDI turbo changes in 93/94.

Not sure if its been posted before:
DTS Articles - Coffee Table Books

So heres the obligatory question...
I just picked up a very clean 94 IDI turbo. appears all stock except for a Downpipe back 4" exhaust. Looks to have the stock dp, and from what i have read, the stock dp is kinked to, would i benefit from just changing the stock dp, even though i have the stock small ford turbo housing (not the ats housing) and all stock intake.

also, i have zero turbo whistle. truck runs fine, but with the dp back 4" exhaust(no cat and mag diesel muff), i would have expected some cool whistle. is this common on the idi's?

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