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Nissan SD33T swap and Upgrades ( 1980 Scout Diesel)

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I am new to Diesels. I just aquired a 1980 SD33T out of a Scout, I actually have the entire drivetrian...the frame axles(d44 w/truetrac locker) transmission(t-19) and engine. I am wondering if this engine is worth transplanting into something like a toyota truck or the FJ 80 landcruiser. Can I add a intercooler and succesfully turn up the boost and the injection pump for more power? With only 100hp/175ft.lbs torque is it a lost cause, to heavy and not enough power? or potential? just looking for input and Ideas. I don't want to have a impractical truck that will not go over 65mph.....I'm told the Scout was SLOWWWW with this engine. Howerever I can live with slow if I get good MPG and can tow somthing at above 55mph. What about mating it to a toyota 5 spd with a .75 overdrive gear? and 4:10 axles and 35" tires??? thanks in advance
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Thanks for the advice, I'm not sure what I'll do. I kinda want to work with this engine since I already have it. Any idea how much weight this engine would push down the road twoing or not?

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I'd keep it. I see no reason why you couldn't modify it, its been done before. Heck, people are making 600 HP out of 175 HP Cummins, I'm sure you could double or triple yours. Check out Binder Bulletin, there's a couple forums there you can try. Also keep in mind the Scout was fairly heavy so if you don't increase the power, a lighter vehicle would help too.
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