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Nissan SD33T swap and Upgrades ( 1980 Scout Diesel)

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I am new to Diesels. I just aquired a 1980 SD33T out of a Scout, I actually have the entire drivetrian...the frame axles(d44 w/truetrac locker) transmission(t-19) and engine. I am wondering if this engine is worth transplanting into something like a toyota truck or the FJ 80 landcruiser. Can I add a intercooler and succesfully turn up the boost and the injection pump for more power? With only 100hp/175ft.lbs torque is it a lost cause, to heavy and not enough power? or potential? just looking for input and Ideas. I don't want to have a impractical truck that will not go over 65mph.....I'm told the Scout was SLOWWWW with this engine. Howerever I can live with slow if I get good MPG and can tow somthing at above 55mph. What about mating it to a toyota 5 spd with a .75 overdrive gear? and 4:10 axles and 35" tires??? thanks in advance
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You may want to visit for a better answer to your question. Many folks over their have scouts and are also very well versed about scouts.
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