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screwing around today I had a misting system left over from last summer.I bought 2 and only installed one on my back porch.You know one of the water misters that lower the outside temps a bit in the heat of the day.They run off your water house.

I disconnected the line running to the windshiel nozzles and routed me up 7 of those misters around the inside of the AC thing and pointed them all at the IC.

It works.I did see some a decrease in EGT's and my boost was about 3-5LBS. higher.It was working well till the nozzles started clogging.I should have but a filter on it but hey.

I am not going to say to do this with the windshield pump.I was laughing and getting wierd looks from passer bys as my wipers where traveling across my windshield in the 72 degree and no rain.

I might try finding a pump and wireing up to a switch.Oh and a filter


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if your gonna think of spraying the intercooler with something i heard the best thing is CO2 lots of people sell it also they have something for somall linings to go thru intercooler tubing nitrous would be more effective inside the combustion chamber
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