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No 1-2 shift on '97 model E40D

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I'm having no 1-2 shift on my 97 E40D . The accumulator had a valve stuck the one next to the line pressure modulator. I put in a VSS now I have a fluctuating speedo. Can that alone affect my no shift , with the speedo jumping around 10 mph or so? Maybe I'll put the old VSS if I can find it back in and see what that does. Also does anyone know how many volts are supplied to the solenoids to shift?
I'm new here would appreciate any help.
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There is also a 1-2 shift valve in the valve body. A jumping speedometer can cause all sorts of shift issues.

The solenoids have +12v any time the key is on. The computer completes the ground to each solenoid when it wants to turn that solenoid on.

Does you OD OFF light work? Has it been flashing? If so, you have codes stored. Reading the codes is the best place to start any diagnosis. The places that read codes free cannot read these codes. You need either a good independent shop or a Ford dealer.
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