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2005 F-250 6.0 Erg delete, studded, K&N air intake, stage 2 ficm, stock injectors, stock turbo. Straight pipe exhaust. Running the truck after ripping around with buddies in the mud we were going to leave and wash the vehicles. I was driving and left off the gas pedal to slow down, the truck then decided to shut off. I started it back up which took a little bit but it fired back up, hiccuped a cloud of smoke (white, blue and black), then shut off and smoke came up from the vents directly in front of the windshield. Truck will not start. No crank no start. Had the ficm off, checked all the connections all good plugged in. Took out every fuse in the truck and under the hood, reset all after a good check, nothing bad. Even replaced the starter because it was fried. When checking codes, there were only 2 that popped up. Any ideas of what could possibly be wrong? Or other things that could and should be checked? Any help is greatly appreciated. Need it fixed so I can take to shop for a trans.

The 2 codes:
P2552 - throttle/ fuel inhibit circuit / open
P2285 - ICP sensor circuit low
We removed the ICP sensor since it was easy to get to to make sure it wasn't leaking, and everything was dry. There was no leaking and all of the wires looked fine.

The monitor that is currently in the truck is reading;
ICP psi - 0
ICP voltage - 0.0
FICM voltage - 48.0
FICM sync - 0
Battery voltage - 11.8

Any ideas of things to check would be a great help. We've called multiple shops and done the little things they've said to try, but still have no luck. The fuel pump will run, but once we turn the key, everything just seems to die. Trying to give as much info as possible.


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Unplug the ICP and try to start it. It will run on preset programming with the ICP unplugged.
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