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No driving lights

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I have a 2005 F350 dually. It is a crew cab with a flat bed and I just replaced a fuse that looked fine (#20 fuse) and got my reverse lights back. I have no driving lights? I have turn signals and brake lights and now reverse lights. The flashers work too. Would like some help diagnosing this. Is there a fuse I'm missing? Is it under the dash or is it under the hood? Could it be a ground? The lights all used to work weeks ago. Going over a railroad track may have loosened something? Thanks for any help or knowledge you can bestow.
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It wasn't the fuse so this weekend I'll run a new ground to the rear lights. I hope this remedies the driving light issues. Unless someone has any other words of wisdom. Turning on the lights turns on the head lights and the lights on my roof, but no driving lights.
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